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Youth Racing Leagues

If you feel that your pre-teen is the next Mario Andretti or Jenson Button, then our youth kart-racing league is for you! Designed for children between the ages of 10 and 13 who are 4'8" in height or greater, our Speed Raceway youth racing league provides children with invaluable lessons not only on racing, but sportsmanship and camaraderie as well. We believe that our youth kart league is a great way to spend time with your son or daughter, and can serve as a wonderful learning experience for both parents and their children! If you would like your son or daughter to become involved in youth kart racing, reserve a spot for your child in our racing league today, as space is limited!

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We believe that there is no better way to become involved with youth kart racing then with our youth racing league! The six month series is affordable, safe and accessible, and is intended to serve as an introduction to racing, teaching sportsmanship, proper racing etiquette, driving technique and basic driving strategy among other things. As the youth kart racing league season progresses, drivers are able to use the techniques that they learn to continuously improve their performance, and our timing system provides objective results which can be compared to previous races.

We are proud of our youth kart league and are confident that you will not be disappointed with it! During the first five months of the series, each driver will participate in a Mini Grand Prix format race, consisting of a qualifying session to determine the starting order and a race for position. In the final round of the series however, drivers will compete in a full Grand Prix format race, which includes a practice session, qualifying session and 16 lap final. Our 6 round racing league provides participants with the opportunity to experience the thrill of wheel-to-wheel racing, allows for extensive seat time, and even rewards top finishers with prizes and trophies - needless to say, we highly recommend it!

$270 /// per Jr. Member (In full or six payments of $45.00)


  • Free Youth T-Shirt
  • One time Jr. Driver instruction class
  • Discounted racing for Jr. league members to practice ($15.00 A RACE)
  • 5-Mini Grand Prix Races (14 Lap Qualifier/16 Position Race)
  • 1-Final Grand Prix Race (12 Lap practice/14 Lap qualifier/16 Position Race)
  • Prizes and awards at end of season

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