clean, green, and no gasoline

XLR8R Electric Karts

Our karts are designed especially for Speed Raceway, durably designed, reliable, handle easily and have lower maintenance costs than gas-powered karts. Speed Raceway’s XLR8Ra and XLR8Rj karts are strong, reliable and ergonomically comfortable, offering both optimal performance and safety, they emphasize modern Italian design with extremely low maintenance costs compared to traditional gas powered karts.

Our karts use the latest brushless AC technology, engine 48-volt with a maximum power of 12kw, with a controller from 60amps to 400amps fed by 4 batteries of the latest generation (approved for electric competition karts). We use gel seal batteries that are maintenance free.

The frames are designed to be long lasting without deformation, thanks to the differential on all models (excluding the Junior kart) that prevents vertical deformations of the frame during curves. The disk brakes are self-ventilating and the chain drive transmission is completely covered by the body of the kart with an extremely resistant material that enhances security.

The karts are calibrated to reach a speed up to 50mp/h. We set up the ideal speed depending of the organization, and the track length, grip and design.

All our karts are programmed with 3 speeds, reverse, stop and slow. Safe and easy to control, each kart is pre-equipped for the installation of a full radio control. The high technology of our system allows us to change the speed (preprogrammed speed 1, 2 and 3), to slow or stop each kart, or all of them.

XLR8Rj Karts (Junior Kart)
The XLR8Rj kart uses two 12-volt batteries for a total of 24 volts with a maximum velocity of 25mp/h, and is autonomous for up to one hour, depending on the maximum velocity employed. Recharge time takes about 6 to 12 minutes based on the energy consumed.

Juniors, starting from 6 years old and a minimum height of 48” and can operate the Kart safely.