Virtual Reality

In our bid to become the best place for group events near Camden County, we’ve expanded our recreational activities. We are proud to introduce that virtual reality gaming is now available at our Cinnaminson, NJ location!

Our newest attraction offers an immersive experience for gamers of all ages to enjoy. With a variety of games ranging from family-friendly adventures to fast-paced survival challenges, there’s sure to be something everyone in your party can enjoy!

How Does it Work?

Virtual reality is a relatively new technology that’s being implemented in a lot of different fields and industries. Although its biggest use to date is to enhance gaming experiences, you will find that virtual technology is also used in medical training, educational programs, sports, the military, etc. for all sorts of purposes. 

At Speed Raceway, we’re proud to say that we bring you state-of-the-art entertainment. Our virtual reality systems are comprised of two components: the arena and the headset. The BoxBlaster virtual reality arena is modified for a four-player set-up, where participants pay to play their game of choice. Gamers are provided with the most advanced headset display on the market, the Valve Index. Once the whole group is equipped and prepared, it’s time to let the games begin. 

Price: $6 per person

Location: 1103 Route 130 South, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

To truly get a feel for how awesome our new gaming system is, check out the video below:

What Games are Available?

Dino Rush: Dino Rush provides the ultimate age-appropriate content that all families can enjoy! In this fun challenge, every participant is transformed into a dinosaur and given a set of challenges to complete.

Gold & Mace: Travel back in time and become a medieval knight in Gold & Mace. This animated adventure is perfect for some family-friendly competition. 

Eclipse: Ready to show off your shooting skills? Eclipse is set in a fantastical world, where players have to defeat their otherworldly enemies. With rich, imaginative graphics, this game is appropriate for older kids and adults. 

Arcania: Arcadia is a futuristic feature that depends on teamwork and cooperation from the gamers to defeat enemy robots that are trying to take over the base. 

How Do I Get Started?

Simply show up! Or, contact a Speed Raceway representative at (877) 757-7333 to learn more about our modern virtual reality facility before heading down to the ultimate party venue for adults in Burlington County to show us if you can be the boss of this new reality.