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Speed Up Team Building With Some Corporate Events in Philadelphia!

Posted by Adrian Doggrell

Jul.17, 2014 11:30 AM


Your business wants to work better and faster; every company does. So you want to hold corporate events in Philadelphia to help people get on the same page and work better together. You’ve googled for good ideas, and so many of them seem so dull and obvious. Speakers, seminars, workbooks… these aren’t teambuilding events, they are just more work. You need something that will stand out for your employees and get them out of the office. Every teambuilding event should have some long-term lessons and takeaways for the business, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun too!

Hosting your next teambuilding event at Speed Raceway is a great way to let your employees have some fun and get to know their coworkers, and gives you the opportunities to promote unity and synergy throughout all areas of your company. The natural excitement and adrenaline of racing electric go karts through a big indoor track is infectious, even for your more reserved employees. Nobody can resist the chance to race their boss, and corporate events in Philadelphia at Speed Raceway provide a great opportunity to invite some clients out for a fun afternoon or evening, without all the pressure of board room meetings. Best of all, Speed Raceway has great meeting space to reconvene after the races, where you can host a fun, informal discussion about the goals and focal points of your business for the upcoming year. Speed Raceway provides businesses the perfect combination of great fun and opportunity for company growth.


Don’t sit through another dull teambuilding event ever again! Speed Raceway is the one and only place to host your corporate team building event and give your employees and clients an event they won’t soon forget. Rain or shine, Speed Raceway is open to give you a chance to take it to the track and start some friendly rivalries. You’ve done the old-school corporate events, now kick it into gear with Speed Raceway!


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