Rock Climbing

Come enjoy Rock Climbing on the 20 Foot wall at Speed Raceway in Horsham, PA.

If you’re an active adult who’s bored with business as usual and you’ve still never been to Speed Raceway, Philadelphia’s top spot for team building parties, birthday parties, bachelor parties and more, come visit our Horsham location this fall and experience our latest indoor adventure: rock climbing! 

We recently added a climbing wall to our list of extraordinary entertainment options. While Speed Raceway in Horsham is widely known as the largest electric go kart track on the East Coast, we also offer adrenaline-pumping activities for folks who’d rather be working their muscles than sitting behind the wheel.

If you’ve never tried rock climbing, here are five great reasons you should:

1. It’s a Great Workout

Rock climbing works your whole body, promoting strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and body control. Unlike traditional workouts, you don’t need any fancy equipment to climb our wall. 

2. It’s Something Different

Even if you exercise regularly, there’s a good chance rock climbing is different from anything you do in your usual routine — and that’s a good thing! Going through the same motions every day, day after day, is a recipe for boredom in both fitness and in life. 

If you and your friends or family members tend to fall into the same pattern of going out to dinner, going to the movies or just sitting around wasting time wondering what to do, rock climbing is exactly what you need on your social calendar!

3. It’s a Rush

Ask any seasoned climber why they love this activity, and they’ll tell you, it really gets those endorphins flowing. Climbing is a great way to challenge your body and mind, get you out of your comfort zone, and if you’re a little bit afraid of heights, overcome perceived obstacles.

4. It’s Easy

Anyone can learn to climb, regardless of fitness or experience level. Beginners don’t even have to worry about getting special shoes. You’ll be amazed at how fast you can improve, if you put in enough time and practice. After a while, you might even want to go find a mountainside to conquer!

5. You Can Make New Friends

Like most of the activities we offer at Speed Raceway, climbing is an ideal opportunity to be social. Whether you come with a large group or just bring a date, you’re guaranteed to meet fun new people while you wait for your turn up the wall.  

By now it’s pretty obvious: if you were stumped trying to come up with unique birthday party ideas for adults in Philadelphia and the surrounding region, the climbing wall at Speed Raceway’s Horsham location is your ideal solution! Please give us a call, come visit us at 200 Blair Mill Rd., Horsham, PA, 19044 or fill out an online reservation form to book your party today!

Price: $7 for 3 Climbs 

Location: 200 Blair Mill Road, Suite 100.  Horsham, PA 19044