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A Few Reasons Go Kart Racing is Better than Family Fun Centers

Posted by Brandon Whiting

Jan.27, 2015 7:30 AM


Finding something to do that the whole family will enjoy is a tall order, there’s no doubt about that. This is especially true for families with younger kids and teenagers. A family fun center might come to mind as a good place to entertain them all, but don’t rush in. At an indoor go kart racing track, every member of the family age 6 and up can have a great time every time you go. Here are five reasons indoor go kart racing is better than family fun centers.


Family Bonding Time

When you go to a family fun center, everyone scatters to their favorite games and activities. Even though it’s supposed to be for the whole family, there’s very little interaction once you get there. Sure, you can play a round or two of mini golf, but sooner or later, you’ll be off doing something separately. At an indoor go kart racing track like Speed Raceway, everyone participates in the same activity. Whether you’re driving or cheering on the sidelines, every member of the family has a part to play.

It’s Specialized

Take a look at any of the family fun centers in the area and you’ll see that they offer as many as 200 activities all under one roof. That sounds like a great thing, but in reality, it means they are so diverse that there’s no way they can give 100% to everything. A facility that focuses on indoor go kart racing puts all of their attention towards assuring their guests have an amazing experience. It also means the staff is well-trained and that they understand every aspect of racing and can help guests learn the ropes.

It’s An Adrenaline Rush

There’s nothing like the rush you get from racing go karts. Because the karts are so close to the ground and so aerodynamic, they feel as though they are flying around the track. Push yourself and your machine to the limit, outpacing, out-maneuvering and out-racing your competition for the victory. If that doesn’t get your heart pounding, there’s seriously something wrong. After you’ve finished your first race, you’ll want to do it again and again, there’s no doubt about that.

It’s Safe For All

Indoor go kart racing with electric go karts is a thrill, to say the least. Flying around a track just two inches off the ground in a powerful racing machine is also very safe. New drivers, no matter what age they are, receive safety training before they get behind the wheel. Everyone, without exception, is required to wear a helmet and safety harness inside the go kart. That means you can relax and enjoy the time with your family without worry.

It’s Not Just For Families

Chances are, you wouldn’t step foot in a family fun center without the kids. After all, those places are full of little ones and the games and activities are mostly for them. An indoor go kart track like Speed Raceway is the perfect place for adults to blow off a little steam and have some fun. Whether you compete individually or as a team, you’ll have a great time. Even better, you can sign up for league racing that culminates in cash prizes.


Are you pumped up and ready to hit the track? We thought you might be! Grab your family and friends and head on out to Speed Raceway for a day of racing. We’ve got plenty of snacks and a full arcade to spend your pit stop time in when you’re not racing, so there is always something to do. Please feel free to contact us at any time for more information about tracks, leagues, or to schedule a race time.

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