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Rather than Share a meal, Share an experience

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Sep.14, 2016 2:07 PM

You have just gotten home from work. You start to make dinner for you and your significant other. It’s a Friday night and for once neither of you have plans, but want to go out. You don’t want to see a movie or go to the bar. You want to try something new, fun and exciting. You decide to look online and seek other options. You find go-karting on a list of “Fun Date Ideas” online.

Go-Karting makes for a great date night for many reasons. In general an activity is always an awesome idea for a date. Not only does it give you both something to do but, you automatically have something to talk about. Another reason is that it provides couples-2some fun, friendly competition between the two of you. You can talk about what you liked about the race, how you tackled the course, ways to improve your lap time, etc.

Speed Raceway is the perfect place to come bring your date whether you are bringing your boyfriend or girlfriend. People of all ages love it too! We offer various different packages and specials both during the week and on weekends (perfect for couples who can’t always go out on weekends because of work) so that you can enjoy racing ANYTIME!

Our most common ‘date night’ package would be our First Timer’s Special which can be purchased in the facility your first time here, any time, and seven days a week!

This special includes two races and your membership for $37 per person. One race is up to 14 laps around our quarter-mile track. The race itself lasts about 10 minutes long, however the racing experience (going through your safety briefing course, getting equipment on, into karts, etc) takes about 20 minutes.

Two races is a good amount of races to start with for a date night. During your first race you can discover the layout of the track. After you are done racing you can come off and talk to your date and then both try and tackle the course again. We offer two, Formula One inspired tracks in our facility so you may even be able to try out both if you wanted to. If you REALLY like the racing you can even purchase additional races!

Besides racing, we also offer arcade games and food. You and your date can play some games and enjoy some food before, during or after your races. Additionally the atmosphere is great because although races are happening and we have music playing, you can still partake in a conversation with your date. We have everything you need right here in the facility not only making it a fun time, but it’s also super easy and convenient. You can focus on your date which is the most important part! So if you’re tired of the same old “dinner and a movie” RACE on in to Speed Raceway today!

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