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Planning Corporate Events in Philadelphia? Forget the Trust Falls.

Posted by Adrian Doggrell

Jan.23, 2014 2:30 AM

Corporate events in Philadelphia are supposed to be fun. In fact, any team event that isn’t fun shouldn’t exist. Almost every day your team has to come into work and do the same things over and over. For this one day of rest, you should provide them with something fun, something new, and something totally out of the ordinary. So if you decide to truly give your team an unforgettable experience, take them go kart racing. Here are a few steps to help you throw a truly awesome corporate event.

  • Give Your Team an Unordinary Day

It doesn’t matter if you have the most creative and cohesive team in the world working for you. After enough time, any job gets boring. We all have tasks, and those tasks get repetative. Repetition over time can become mindnumbing, so you should plan an event where your team can have a thrill. Take them skydiving, or bunjejumping, or if you would rather keep it a litte less intense, you can always take them go kart racing.

Unless you don’t build the event around an exciting activity, the whole idea is a waste. So be sure to find an activity that is truly out of the ordinary, anything to completely remove daily tasks from the minds of your employees. That way they will feel refreshed and revitalized and able to get back into the swing of work.

  • Provide Your Team With Some Space

Remember, your employees have probably spent the majority of their recent lives in your office. Some of your employees may be older or may have adjusted to the quieter atmosphere of work life. This can make a fun center like Dave and Buster’s overwhelming and distracting with all the lights and noises. You may also want to do some talks or give a presentation at your corporate event, so make sure that the location you choose has at least one quieter private area where members of your team can escape the excitement for a few brief moments. This also provides you and your company a place for some conversing, as well as some opening and closing remarks. At the very least, the VIP area may make your employees feel fancy and privileged, at least for the duration of the go kart racing event.

  • Good Food Makes Everything Better

Corporate events in Philadelphia can come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the size of your company and the event you are planning for, your budgets may vary greatly. But it shouldn’t matter if you are a single family owned shop or a Fortune 500 company. So if you are serious about planning a corporate event in near Philadelphia that your team will love, make sure you provide food. Nothing kills a party vibe more than a bunch of people with low blood sugar, so to consider the food issue to be vital.



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