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Plan A Great Corporate Event By Making Fun the Main Ingredient

Posted by Adrian Doggrell

Nov.21, 2014 9:30 AM


There are a lot of event coordinators out there in the business world who have struggled with the question of how to plan a great corporate team building events. It’s not easy, what with so many different personalities in any sized company and so many plain vanilla activities to choose from. Golf, Laser Tag, pizza parties, booze cruises (well, ok that one has its advantages) - you know what we’re talking about, the same ol, same ol. But, there is one combination that everyone loves - fun & adrenaline.

It’s time to toss those boring non-adventures and treat your staff to a fun, adrenaline boosting activity that’s more than easy for everyone to love. If you need to plan a corporate event in Philadelphia, you need to take a good hard look at Speed Raceway indoor electric go kart racing. This is a truly out of the ordinary experience. It’s a real racing experience that is challenging, fun and will bring your team together for an event they will be talking about for years to come.

The facility is clean and fume free as the karts are all electric. One trip around the track and your crew will be hooked as they experience the next best thing to actually being out on a real racetrack racing real race cars. And, its safe. No need to worry, all the equipment is state of the art and safety equipment is provided for everyone.

But, maybe the most exciting thing is you get to cavort with co-workers in an environment very different to the one at work. This is a place where you can bond while competing against each other in a fun, safe environment and let yourself go free. Work can get pretty stagnant at times, but at Speed Raceway, the time spent is anything but stagnant. You can throw out all those buzz words that go around when corporate events are in the offing - like, “team building” for instance. Those phrases are usually met with groans. But, when you plan an event like go kart racing, “team building” just happens organically and doesn’t have to be forced, or talked about ad nauseum in some break out group. It just happens, and when it happens naturally - it sticks. So, when you get back to the office, you’ll return with new bonds and new friendships.

It’s time to toss in the golf towel, holster the Lazer Tag pistol, just say “no” to pizza and “yes” to adrenaline producing, bond initiating, good old fun with a trip to the go kart track.

To find out more about planning truly great corporate team building events, please check out our website, or to learn more about booking all types of private events, please contact us and we’ll be happy to spice up your next outing.

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