Speed Raceway


Speed Raceway Teams Up With iHook Creative

May 15, 2009

Speed Raceway™ and San Diego based iHook Creative consummate marketing partnership to promote eco-friendly indoor kart racing to motor-sport enthusiasts and the general public in Colorado.

Colorado’s racing enthusiasts are about to experience a new adrenaline thrill. Speed Raceway™ the first eco-friendly racetrack to hit Colorado. Speed Raceway™ will be located in Denver and is the hottest new eco-friendly choice for indoor entertainment. Drivers test their racing skills under energy efficient lighting with European electric pro karts reaching speeds close to 50mph. Our environmentally controlled state-of-the-art building will be free from oils and fuels (Clean, Green and no Gasoline…) This is not just kids play...

“We are excited about the partnership we have in place with iHook Creative, we have asked for a fresh new look and cutting edge graphics and technology to be a mainstay for Speed Raceway™,” said Howard Picker Speed Raceway™ Managing Partner. “iHook Creative continues to produce outstanding results, and we turned to them to help give us the look and feel that we want in our karts and venues.”

“The business relationship between Speed Raceway™ and iHook is really exciting and is build from the ground up,” said Matt Faulk, iHook Creative founder and art director. “We have been brought in to provide complete design and branding services, which is our specialty. Our team is ready to put Speed Raceway™ on the map and help them achieve their goal to be the premiere indoor karting complex in the country.”

Speed Raceway™, Colorado’s only indoor kart racing facility, located in Highlands Ranch. Speed Raceway™ will be opening 20 centers nationally.

About iHook Creative

iHook Creative (iHook) is a digital creative agency located in San Diego, California. At its core, iHook achieves results with the prefect blend of trendy and traditional design. As a team of brand strategists and leading web / graphic designers, iHook has performed work for leading corporations including Disney, Weight Watchers, Miller MGD64, and Rockstar Energy Drink. By partnering with large and small businesses across Southern California and the country, iHook has solidified itself as a leading creative and strategic studio offering services including media and communications planning, digital strategy consultation, web site design and development, SEM, photography, video production, print design and communications, 3d graphics, and consumer insight and research. iHook's mission statement is to deliver communication through design. To learn more information on iHook Creative visit http://www.ihookcreative.com.

About Speed Raceway™

Speed Raceway™ is located in the Highlands Ranch area of Denver, Colorado. They use eco-friendly electric karts because gas-powered karts not only emit fumes into the air and seep liquids onto the racetrack, but are also slower than our state-of-the-art versions. The high-torque, zero-emission electric karts have superb performance and are capable of speeds approaching 50mph on indoor racetracks. To learn more information on Speed Raceway™ visit http://www.speedraceway.com.