Speed Raceway


Speed Raceway Featured In Examiner Article

December 15, 2009

Colorado motorsports fans are no doubt getting a little stir crazy now that winter has frozen the state solid. Thankfully some all weather racing relief is on the way - Speed Raceway will soon be opening an indoor race track for go karts in southeast Denver.

Founder Howard Picker is aiming to create a destination play space for both kids and adults. Big kids will enjoy high performance karts while smaller limited power models are available for youngsters. Safety gear - helmet and neck brace - are included along with introductory instruction. Friends and families can entertain themselves spending an evening turning laps for fun while the gurus can get serious about racing in a scheduled grand prix or with a regular competitive league. The speedway even has daytime driving camps planned for kids out of school this summer.

Electric karts will provide intense performance with top (adult) speeds over 50 mph riding an inch off the ground through an indoor grand prix circuit. The barrier system used to lay out the race course is extremely easy to customize which means you may be entertained with a new configuration at your next visit. Of course my favorite aspect will be the immediacy of the power band and the awesome torque only an electric motor can provide. Parents will appreciate that an electronic governing system allows the course marshall to remotely cut power to the engines to slow the cars when track conditions are less than safe.

The Speed Raceway goal is to include everyone in the fun. Picker has ordered speciality tandem karts for very young kids and kids with special needs. They will make every effort to get kids with enthusiasm - but not the ability to drive - onto the race track. This project really is “for the racer in ALL of us,” he says.

Are the electric karts “green”? There’s some room for debate there, since buzzing around a race track seems like an environmental extravagance regardless of mode. Certainly the indoor air quality will be excellent compared to gas powered karting facilities.

Keep an eye out for a grand opening schedule in the coming weeks at www.speedraceway.com.