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Never Waste Your Time With Outdated Go Kart Racing Again!

Posted by Nathan Miller

Aug.29, 2013 5:57 AM


Everyone thinks they have a pretty good idea about what go karting is like. Go to some run-down kids entertainment center, stand outside in the heat for 20 minutes waiting in line, race 5 laps in a loud, smelly, gas-powered go kart, and run back inside to get out of the heat. That doesn’t sound that much fun to me. If that was the only way to enjoy go kart racing, I wouldn’t blame anyone for not wanting to do it, as that’s not the best environment for a corporate event, a bachelor party, or kid’s birthday party.

Fortunately, there are new developments in the world of go karts that are changing everything you know about racing. Many courses are making the switch from smelly, hot, gas-powered racing to more energy-efficient, eco-friendly, electric go kart racing, which is even faster than their gas-guzzling counterparts. Even better, more and more courses are moving indoors, out of the sun and not subject to the ever-changing weather. These new karts and courses are the best thing in racing, and once you finish your first lap, you’ll never go back to the old-school karts. Not convinced? Here are three reasons why indoor go karts are way better than an old outdoor track.

Racing: Rain or Shine.

No matter what the weather is like outside, you can always count on your local electric go kart course to be open and providing the fastest fun you can find. If you’re planning a kid’s birthday party, the last thing you need is a cancelled party because the outdoor venue you scheduled is closed due to rain or snow, or the extreme heat just makes everyone miserable. Don’t let your next event be subject to the weather, and waste your time with bad go kart racing and have to stand out in the hot sun when you can enjoy some air conditioning, private party rooms, and racing video games in between your races at an indoor course.

Electric karts are faster and better for the environment.

Imagine having a gas-powered kart on an indoor track. The smog would ruin the experience. Now imagine having a faster cart that is 100% electric-powered and doesn’t smell like a lawnmower. Trust me, it’s a lot better. Best of all, the carts are actually faster! Once everyone is on the track, and your racing referee cranks the carts on full, the speed will blow you away. These green carts don’t produce any exhaust, so you won’t get a lungfull of smoke and you won’t be killing the earth either. Best of both worlds!

Indoor go karts are perfect for every event.

You wouldn’t take a group of clients out to an outdoor track so they can stand in the sun in their business-casual clothes and sweat though a race. But a nice, cool, indoor track is the perfect place to bring the whole company down for some teambuilding and great fun. Throwing a bachelor party? An indoor go kart race is the only part of the night you won’t regret! And I’ve already mentioned what a perfect environment it is for a kid’s birthday party, with private party rooms to handle all the presents and cake.


These three reasons should help end the debate for you. Indoor go kart racing is quite simply the most fun you can have. The karts are faster and the races are better. Forget the bad weather and noisy carts you grew up with, the indoor experience will change your mind on go kart racing forever. No matter what kind of event you’re holding, indoor go kart racing can’t be beat! Head over to Speed Raceway and see just how much fun these karts are! One race and you’ll never head back to that old outdoors track! Visit us at Speed Raceway today and see the difference!

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