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Are You Making These 4 Go Kart Racing Mistakes?

Posted by Brandon Whiting

Jan.20, 2015 8:00 AM

Having a good time on the go-karting track is all well and good. But sometimes you want your good time to include beating other drivers or beating your old race times. Read below to find out if you are making these 4 common go kart racing mistakes?


1. Braking at the wrong time -

Using your brakes sounds simple enough. Push down on the left pedal! It’s all in the timing though. On icy roads, it is advisable to break before the curve! But on the go-karting track, you want to find the sweet spot. You don’t want to break too early and miss carrying your speed into the turn. However if you wait too long you might end up having to break too hard which also can make you lose too much speed, or even cause you to spin out, which is not safe. Practice finding that sweet spot at the apex, or middle, of the race curve. Knowing the track is the best way to determine where to aim for the apex.


2. Taking turns too wide/tight -

This might seem like another no-brainer. Don’t you just turn the steering wheel in the direction of the curve? Yes. Once again, timing, and positioning, is critical. Depending on the sharpness of the curve, you typically want to start wide, aim for just beyond apex of tracks curve, and finish wide with your foot on the “gas”. Starting too tight before the turn means you’ll have to break more, which diminishes speed. But if you stay wide, you might swipe the outside of the turn. Note that the apex of a turn, where you want to be tightest to the inside of the track, is usually at a point past the middle of the track’s curve. The SSCA says, “On most race courses, there are far more late-apex corners than early-apex corners.”


3. Not looking far enough ahead -

Once again, looking forward while driving is obvious. If you want to improve your race times, it is a good idea to start practicing looking ahead to the next apex, especially on “S” turns. If you are looking at the turn you are currently in, you may be delayed as you prepare to enter the next turn. Use your peripheral vision as well, to maximize your timing.


4. Having a Good Time! - Wait! That is NOT a mistake!

The goal of go-karting is a fun experience. Sometimes reminding yourself of what a joy it is to be driving as fast as you can on a race-track is as much of a reward as beating your opponent!


Don’t be like the amateurs and make these common mistakes. Do a little bit of preparation before you head to the track, and you will be sure to dominate all of your friends.

If you would like some help planning an event at Speed Raceway or simply getting some additional racing tips, feel free to reach out to one of our team members.

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