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3 for $50

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Weekdays Only
5 for $75

Call us - 1.877.75.SPEED

Weekdays Only
7 for $100

Call us - 1.877.75.SPEED

If under 18 years of age, each child must have a parent or guardian sign a minor release of liability along with a photocopy of the parent or guardians valid and current drivers license.

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Race Packages Available

Speed Raceway, where “The Racing is So Real… You Can Feel It! There is a competitive spirit in all of us. Speed Raceway’s eco-friendly race karts have more torque than traditional gasoline karts. Our Italian made karts are capable of speeds up to 50 mph. Our OTL Storm karts have the only forward facing seat in the entire industry that is not canted. This adds to the real as life racing experience Combine that with being only two inches off the ground on our quarter mile F-1 style racetrack and you will get adrenalin filled racing experience that you will not forget!

  • Race Package #1 - 3 races for $50
  • Race Package #2 - 5 races for $75
  • Race Package #3 - 7 races for $100

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