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How to Get Your Boss to Say Yes to a Holiday Party This Year

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Dec.22, 2014 7:30 AM


Getting your boss to agree to a holiday party isn’t always an easy thing to do. Management doesn’t like to spend money, especially on things that might seem frivolous at first glance. If you’re really serious about adding to your corporate events list though, here are some arguments you might want to try out on the head honcho to get him to say yes this holiday season.

If you’re really serious about getting that holiday party you want it’s important to approach the request as if it were a project proposal. You need to appeal to the practical aspects, as well as to the inherent fun of throwing a party. For instance, you should point out that a holiday party would:

- Increase Morale:

Knowing that management is willing to take care of employees by providing something fun for their enjoyment makes people feel better. The party itself also lets people blow off steam.

- Allow Off-The-Clock Interaction:

Interacting with each other in a non-work capacity allows employees to form closer bonds with one another. Additionally by allowing employees to bring spouses and children it’s possible to create a closer-knit work group. The resulting bonding can make employees into friends, or family, which is good for the company as a whole.

- It’s Less Expensive Than It Might Seem:

While many management personnel only react to dollar signs when it comes to corporate events, hosting a holiday party is less expensive than it might seem. Many businesses will offer group and bulk discounts, and often management can negotiate a lower cost for the event. While there will always be an expense for a party, it’s also true that management gets what they pay for in terms of a happier workforce.

Ask What Would Convince The Boss

If your boss is still hemming and hawing when it comes to hosting a corporate event for your workplace, ask him what would be a deciding factor. Negotiation is important to get the first event agreed to, but if that first event goes over well then chances are good the next conversation will be a significantly easier one. Traditions are sometimes hard to start, but if you’re successful they’ll be a lot easier to continue.


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