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Three Reasons to Choose Indoor Electric Go Karts!


You've got lots of choices for summer entertainment, so what should you go with? Mountain biking, skydiving, paintball, go karts... these are just a few of the options right around me that I can pick from any given weekend. Even between those, there are different choices. Should I race some gas-powered, outdoor go karts, or opt for the indoor, electric go kart option? For me, the electric karts is a no-brainer. Why? Here's three reasons!


1. Electric karts are just as fast as their gas-powered counterparts. Some people may think that electric carts are going to be small and slow, but they can whip around the track even faster than the gas-guzzling versions. I was skeptical, but one race made me a believer.


2. Racing indoor electric go karts is better for the environment. Save some gas and enjoy racing electric karts indoors without the smog and smells of gas-powered karts. Nobody wants to leave the track smelling like oil and gas for hours, so go for the green, electric option!


3. Your racing trip won't be subject to the elements. Sudden rain showers can't close an indoor track, so you can plan your race with confidence. Being indoors means you'll be out of the hot sun and get to enjoy the races from trackside!


Based on those three factors, seems like visiting an indoor electric go kart track is by far the best bet. If you're looking for the best electric go kart experience, your search is over! Speed Raceway has the perfect facility for all your racing needs. Whether you're having a birthday party, teambuilding event, bachelor party, or just want to race, their track is the only place you need. Contact us today and let us plan your perfect party, or just stop by and hit the track!


Head to Speed Raceway for Your Next Fraternity Event!


Fraternity events can get pretty messy sometimes. Having quite recently been in college and a part of one, I have seen some crazy stuff go down at poorly planned events. Lots of people think that throwing together an event at the last minute is the way to go, but that's how people get in trouble. Plan out an event and save your fraternity the hassle of throwing together something at the house last minute. So if you're looking for a great Denver college event, where's the best place?


Speed Raceway is Colorado's number one spot for all kinds of events. Your fraternity can rent out the facility, get private party rooms and race all day with a personalized go kart racing event. Bring in catered food and host a Parent's Weekend event, or impress potential pledges during rush week! The speedy electric go karts at Speed Raceway tear up the indoor track, so you'll enjoy amazing races no matter what the weather is like outside! Everyone loves a chance to beat their friends on the racetrack, and a high-speed race is definitely the safest option considering the trouble college kids can get in to.


Next time you are interested in hosting a fraternity event in Denver, look no further than Speed Raceway. Their experienced staff will make sure your event is planned and executed to perfection, and the facilities and fun you'll have are unmatched! Contact them today and speed up your next fraternity event with go kart racing!


Check Out the First Speed Raceway Race and Taste!

Please join us for an expert wine tasting event and go kart racing at Speed Raceway. It’s the perfect place for an authentic racing and wine tasting experience!


Wednesday, May 22nd, 6pm-9pm

Spend a night at the track learning to Blind Taste with our Level 3 Sommelier expert from Vin Boutique, the blind tasting “technique” and the building blocks to know what’s in your glass without reading the bottle. Elevate your palate and astound your friends by learning to discern varietal, country, year, production techniques, and even the age of the vines.

Click Here to Register

$50 Per Person Includes:

  • Wine Tasting

  • Wine Education

  • Food Pairings

  • Racing


Enjoy fine wine and even finer company right on the track in our 55,000 square foot entertainment facility featuring a quarter mile European style go kart racing track and Italian made electric karts that each speeds up to 50 mph.

Use Event Registration Code 105655 when registering!

Need An Adrenaline Fix Now That Winter Sports Are Over?


The winter months may be cold and dreary at times, but for someone who loves snowboarding and skiing, winter is the best time of all. Hitting the slopes for a day on the snow is worth waiting through the hot summer for every year. Nothing beats taking a day off from work or school just to drive out and get some runs in. But May is here, and that means spring is probably here to stay, bringing the winter sports season to a close. So what is an adrenaline fan supposed to do during the warm seasons?


Why not head out to your local electric go kart arena and take down your friends in a high speed race? If you stay outside during the summer, you'll get cooked in the hot sun, but an indoor go kart track provides you the thrill of racing without the sunburn. A great go kart track can host your birthday parties and corporate events, so people of all ages can enjoy the fun of passing their friends or coworkers on the final stretch! Don't waste your summer arguing about what to do with your friends! Everyone loves a great go kart race, so help yourself forget about the snowboarding you have to postpone until next winter and try something new!


Speed Raceway is the simply the best go kart experience in Colorado. Their electric go karts are faster than anything you've driven before, and the indoor track guarantees you can have a great time no matter what the weather is like outside! Plan your next party or teambuilding event at Speed and you'll get a private room and an event coordinator, while providing an unforgettable experience for all your guests! Contact Speed Raceway today and get the adrenaline boost you've been looking for!


Speed Up Your Team Building Event!


Your business wants to work better and faster; every company does. So you want to hold a teambuilding event to help people get on the same page and work better together. You've googled for good ideas, and so many of them seem so dull and obvious. Speakers, seminars, workbooks... these aren't teambuilding events, they are just more work. You need something that will stand out for your employees and get them out of the office. Every teambuilding event should have some long-term lessons and takeaways for the business, but that doesn't mean they can't be fun too!


Hosting your next teambuilding event at Speed Raceway is a great way to let your employees have some fun and get to know their coworkers, and gives you the opportunities to promote unity and synergy throughout all areas of your company. The natural excitement and adrenaline of racing electric go karts through a big indoor track is infectious, even for your more reserved employees. Nobody can resist the chance to race their boss, and corporate events at Speed Raceway provides a great opportunity to invite some clients out for a fun afternoon or evening, without all the pressure of board room meetings. Best of all, Speed Raceway has great meeting space to reconvene after the races, where you can host a fun, informal discussion about the goals and focal points of your business for the upcoming year. Speed Raceway provides businesses the perfect combination of great fun and opportunity for company growth.


Don't sit through another dull teambuilding event ever again! Speed Raceway is the one and only place to host your corporate event and give your employees and clients an event they won't soon forget. Rain or shine, Speed Raceway is open to give you a chance to take it to the track and start some friendly rivalries. You've done the old-school corporate events, now kick it into gear with Speed Raceway!

Welcome to Speed Raceway!


Speed Raceway located in Denver, Colorado was founded by two childhood friends to be America’s premier indoor kart racing centers. Our mission is to provide a one of a kind experience using Speed Raceways XLR8R high performance racing karts in a clean, eco-friendly, safe and thrilling atmosphere. We think you will agree, this racing experience cannot be duplicated.

Created to be a one of a kind entertainment venue. With the current economy as it is, consumers and corporations alike want to have a fun unique and exciting experience close to home. Speed Raceway offers that experience.

We are passionate about being a company with unparalleled service and integrity with employees dedicated to detail. In this ever growing sport of kart racing, we at Speed Raceway are setting ourselves apart from all other entertainment venues. Our facility is clean, upscale and free from any emissions and oils. One race in our XLR8R high performance racing karts and you will be hooked on the speed, handling and sound that they produce. Nothing else can compare. Whether you are an expert or a novice you will appreciate our genuine karting experience in a safe, comfortable and unique environment.

In addition to our Arrive and Drive racing option, which allows individuals to visit our indoor karting center anytime and experience the thrill of racing, we also offer racing leagues and a variety of packages for both corporate events and group parties of almost any size. We strive to provide our customers a thrilling and authentic indoor karting and racing experience.

Speed Raceway…… ”For the Racer in All of Us."


Looking For An Extreme Good Time? Here Are My Favorites.


Everyone loves to try something new and crazy from time to time. When you're a teenager growing up, you want to be daring and push your limits. Sometimes this can get you in trouble, but with an extreme sport, you can usually have fun and get a nice adrenaline rush without breaking the law. I've always been a big fan of trying new extreme adventures, so let me share a few of my favorites I've enjoyed over the years!


Skydiving - Everyone automatically has an opinion about skydiving. It's either, "I can't wait to do that" or "I'll never do that!" Not a lot of middle ground about jumping out of a plane, but I can assure you, the exhileration is unlike anything else. The professionals who operate skydiving businesses know the dangers and take every precaution to make sure you have the safest and craziest ride of your life. Not only will you remember the experience for the rest of your life, but you'll get some pretty amazing Facebook profile pictures on the way down. While you recreate a Bond movie scene. Or "Point Break."


Paintball - Definitely on a different spectrum than skydiving, paintball has always been one of my favorite activities. People are often scared to play because they don't want to get hurt, but I promise, it's not that bad. My first job at 16 was a referee at a paintball place, so I would get shot dozens of times a day, and after the first couple, you barely notice anymore. Paintball is a lot of fun and safe way to pretend to go to war against your buddies. With a wide variety of gametypes to play, like capture the flag and king of the hill, and plenty of different types of fields (inflatable cover, castles, forts, and nature), there is bound to be a setup that you will love. Get some glory stories and dominate your friends!


Go Kart Racing - This doesn't involve jumping out of a plane or getting shot by paint, so if you want a fun experience without much danger, go kart racing is the best choice. You can still dominate your friends and whip around the track at high speed! I've always enjoyed the different racetracks I've been on, but the best is an indoor go cart facility that can be open and enjoyed year-round, regardless of weather. If they have electric go carts, that's even better, because you still get the raw speed without all the fumes. I highly recommend heading to the track as soon as possible!


Between these three activities, you are guaranteed to have an awesome time. Nothing breaks up the daily routine of work or school like a skydiving, paintball, or go kart trip. Head out to Speed Raceway and get your adrenaline fix today! With a big, indoor, track, and speedy, electric, go karts, you will be able to race today, rain or shine! There's no better place to race than Speed Raceway.



Dominate On Go Karts With These Tips!


Many people think that since they have a drivers license or play racing video games, they'll naturally be excellent at go kart racing. Anyone who has actually been to an electric go karts track can tell you, it's harder than it looks. But for first-timers attending a birthday party or corporate event, you may want to skip ahead on the learning curve to get an advantage on your friends and colleagues. Nobody wants to be last place! Read some of our suggestions on how to dominate on the racetrack!


1. Hands on the wheel. Now isn't the time to get creative with how you hold the steering wheel. 10 and 2 will work just fine. If you lose control on a turn, you lose the race.


2. Sit still. Don't leave forwards or move around in your seat. You'll be buckled in when you race, but don't throw your weight around much or you will work against yourself!


3. Learn the brakes quickly. Every cart will be a little bit different, and you'll have several laps to post a top time or race to the front, so learn how sensitive your brakes are, and you'll be able to dominate the corners and whip around the track!



 4. Try different lines. Nobody will find the fastest line on their first lap. Try taking different corners at different speeds and angles and you'll quickly figure out what works and what doesn't.


5. Stay on target. That means drive straight. Don't turn too soon or lose speed taking long arcs. A straight line will get you there fastest, so keep it that way whenever possible.


6. PRACTICE! Not all of these tips will click for you immediately. It will take more than one race to really make you a great racer, so don't get discouraged by a bad lap or race.


By learning some of these principles, you can turn yourself from a go kart novice to the indoor Mario Andretti. With some practice and a little luck, you'll be unstoppable. Where better to try out some of these tips than at Speed Raceway? They've got an amazing indoor track that you can race on rain or shine, and have the perfect facility to host birthday parties and corporate team-building events. Come check them out!


Frequently Asked Questions About Speed Raceway!


How old do you have to be to enjoy Speed Raceway?

Speed Raceway caters to the young and young at heart. There is no minimum age to race, but all drivers need to over 50 inches tall to race and able to safely operate the karts. Racers under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a minor release of liability form, and attach a copy of the guardians drivers license.


What are the requirements to drive?

There is no prior race experience required to take part in racing. Speed Raceway is currently allowing any driver to race as long as they can meet the minimum requirements.


Are there height or weight limitations?

We will do our best to accommodate drivers of most sizes but certain minimum and maximum height restrictions may apply. You must be over 4’10” (58”) and over 12 years old to race the adult karts and over 4’2” (50”) to race the junior karts. We do not have a minimum weight standard but generally will be able to accommodate most persons, depending on size of their frame. Our pit crew will have the final say on a driver's ability to safely participate on our race track. Refunds will be given if you do not meet any of the height or weight limitations.


Do I have to bring anything to drive?

No, Speed Raceway is your full service racing destination. For the racing, we will provide you with balaclava (sanitary head-sock), an approved safety helmet, and a custom-built European style race kart. Participants are not required to wear a race suit.


What should I wear?

You should wear comfortable clothing and you must have closed-toe shoes. Speed Raceway does have rental shoes for those who forget safe footwear.


Can I bring and/or wear my own racing gear?

Racers are allowed to bring their own race gear which may include their own race suit, helmet, driving gloves, neck cushion, and racing shoes. All customer-provided equipment is subject to inspection by the SR staff and must conform to minimum industry safety standards.


Can I bring my own helmet?

Absolutely, but it must be Snell/D.O.T-approved. If the sticker is gone, the helmet will not be allowed. All street helmets must include a face shield, and those who bring in motocross-style helmets must bring in their own goggles with Lexan lenses.


Can I buy my own race suit and helmet?

Our guests are encouraged to buy their own equipment as this will ensure that they will enjoy the best fit and comfort while racing. The Speed Raceway pro-shop carries a wide selection of racing gear to satisfy even the most ardent race aficionado.


Do I have to sign anything?

Yes, all Speed Raceway customers are required to fill out electronic registration forms at our registration terminals. All customers are required to sign a standard waiver form that acknowledges our release from liability. No one is required to sign the waiver but failure to sign such waiver disqualifies you from participating in any racing.


Do you have day-care?

Speed Raceway does not currently have day-care or baby-sitting services. If you are interested in our team providing you such support for future visits, please let our management staff know, so that we can judge the need and look into available options.


Do you serve Alcohol?

Speed Raceway does not currently serve alcohol of any kind. However, we allow our customers to bring alcohol for private events. We encourage responsible drinking by all customers and have a zero-tolerance policy on drinking and driving. Any patron suspected of being under the influence will be asked to take a breathalyzer test. Failure to take the test or the presence of alcohol will disqualify a patron's participation in any racing for the remainder of their visit.


Do I have to bring my own kart?

No, Speed Raceway provides state-of–the art XLR8R karts for adults and for junior Racers. Our adult karts can reach speeds up to 45mph for adults and approximately 25mph for kids.


What is the difference between electric and gas-powered karts?

The chassis is similar in many ways; the main difference is the power source. Speed Raceway uses electric karts because they accelerate faster, smoother and offer more consistent performance than gas-powered engines. Electric karts are also quieter, produce no fumes and keep the track clean since they do not leak any gas or oil onto the track surface.


How are racers ranked?

After each race, the computer system takes into account who you have raced against, how often you race and how you finish in each race to recalculate your score. Your ranking will go up and down based on your racing performance. After each race, you are provided with race results that show your lap times, your score and how you did against the other drivers in your race.


Can I rent the track for a corporate or private function?

Yes; please contact our sales team for pricing and availability. You can rent a small individual party room, or full facility buyouts are also options.

The Do's and Don'ts of Team Building Events


Every good business owner or manager wants to promote unity and cohesion amongst their employees, so many turn to team building events to help bring people together from different departments and help break down walls in the organization. While the intentions for these events are often good, it can be easy to put together team building events that cause strife or leave people out and miss the point of the event completely. Learn from some of the do's and don'ts before planning your next team building event! team building denver


Do: Use the event to fix team problems and address any concerns. It's important to get feedback on how the day-to-day business is going, and while team buildings should be fun, there should be time to have frank, constructive, discussion.


Don't: Make it all about work! Your employees are people and don't just want to hear all about work when they leave the office for an event. Give people a chance to share about their real lives and have fun, without worrying about invoices and cold calling.


Do: Use the event to inspire your employees to think big, both in the office and in their lives. Providing them with the tools to improve themselves and step outside their comfort zone will help them in all avenues of life.


Don't: Roleplay. There are much more effective ways of bonding and teaching then having people pretend to be the boss.


Do: Document the event so people can remember both the fun they had and the lessons they learned.


Don't: Forget how important the venue is. Having your team building event in your office is a mistake, find something fun for the team to do and get out there. Many venues have meeting space available for discussion and teaching. Getting away from the office is always a good thing.


Do: Include everyone in both the planning of the event and during the event itself. Know the employees you are trying to bond with, some events work well for some people than others. Picking something that will alienate some of your employees because they aren't interested or capable will ruin your team building event.


Don't: Be cheap! Picking a nice team building event doesn't have to break the bank, but investing in your employees is one of the best places to spend your money. A cohesive team can accomplish anything and appreciate having support from their manager.


Do: Get feedback after the event. No team building event is going to be perfect, so learn from your employees about what was effective and what wasn't.


Don't: Stick with the same old team building activities. There are plenty of effective and different events you can do with your employees that are way better than the tired bowling events and trust falls.


Team-building exercises help build unity and efficiency in your company while your employees have fun and get to know each other better. Why make them sit through a long presentation when you can host your event at Speed Raceway? Their indoor, all-electric, go kart track is the perfect place for any event, and they love hosting companies of all sizes. If you are looking for racing karts in Denver, look no further than Speed Raceway.

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