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Want to Know Why Go Kart Racing Is So Great?



Go karts are simply a smaller version of the professional racing cars, such as those used in Formula One and Indy Car Racing. They race on similar but smaller tracks. They were first created in California in 1950s by Art Ingels.

Go Kart Experience

Go kart fans may easily get captivated by professional racing. After experiencing that kind of excitement, it can be hard to let go. You always want to go back for more. It gives both the drivers and the fans adrenaline rushes. And the best part is indoor go kart racing tracks allow you to race year round.


You do not need to be a professional to try go kart racing. Anyone can do it. And if you get good enough, you may even be able to turn pro. Tony Stewart, Kyle Petty and Darell Waltrip are some of the top track racing drivers who got their start on go karts.

Affordable and Safe

Go kart racing is inexpensive, and the electric go karts make them even safer, so moms don’t need to worry about their young ones getting hurt. An amateur driver can first use the closed chassis karts then advance to the open air ones. This will give them time to familiarize with the racing track while improving their driving skills.

With the many levels on hand, racers can move up tiers until they get to the professional level. This allows many people to engage in track racing but in a smaller way. Families, couples and even friends can always try it out.

Mechanical Make Up

Go kart engines are either 4 or 2-stroke models. 4-sroke engines are generally standard. 2-stroke engines are more powerful and manage up to 30 horsepower or more. Sprint karts can get up to about 60mph while more powerful karts can reach up to 90mph. Shifter karts normally use a manual transmission. They can reach top speeds of about 160mph.

The next big thing in go kart racing entails utilizing specialized racing tires. You can use slicks or rain tires. Slicks have no thread and are used on dry track. Normally, rain tires treads and they are used mainly during wet conditions.

Having fun on the track is what go kart racing is all about. So if you enjoy it as much as we do, you should pick a date to bring some friends to Speed Raceway for a fun night of racing.



Photo Credit: Flckr


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