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10 Undeniable Reasons People Hate Corporate Events in Philadelphia


When organizing a corporate event in Philadelphia, the main factor to put into consideration is the nature of the event. You must consider whether it is one that involves a large audience like a conference or one that include fewer people like an employee gathering or client meeting. This factor will assist you in the selection of other important aspects like the venue, food and refreshments and AV equipment. 

Like in any other large city, there are a high number of corporate events in Philadelphia every year. It is undeniable that many of these events are boring in nature and few people are fond of them. Here are the main reasons that contribute to the bad name of corporate events:

  1. The people you get to interact with at the event are the same ones you see at the office daily.

  2. Your attendance at the event is mandatory.

  3. Your behavior at the event will determine how people will treat you at the office.

  4. The activities you undertake are predetermined by the organizers who do not always consider the participants’ opinions.

  5. You don’t know whether to dress formal or casual.

  6. The venues and/or activities are often lame.

  7. The food provided by company may not be what you like.

  8. You are enclosed in one area and not allowed to go leave until the event is over.

  9. You don’t get to plan the party.

  10. These events always seem to be a waste of money that you feel could have been given to you in the form of a bonus or a salary raise.

When organizing corporate events in Philadelphia, there are a few tips that may help you come up with an event that people will not hate.

  1. Choose a location that suits the needs and preferences of the employees. It may be beneficial to select a venue that has or is near some fun activities to help entertain your participants when not focusing on work matters.

  2. Seek the suggestions of the employees about food so as to cater for those on special diets or allergies.

  3. Select fun and interactive activities that will make it easier for the employees to feel more relaxed.

Once you identify you preferred location, it is important to make advanced bookings as many end of the year times can be extremely busy. Making advanced bookings prevents last minute disappointments.    


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