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5 Best Mobile Apps for Planning Birthday Parties in South Jersey


Can we all agree that planning a birthday party for children is way more work than it should be? Despite the fact that kids are small, it takes a lot of effort to put together a great party. Perhaps it’s the fact that children are very sensitive, and so it is important to have a birthday party for them each year. Your children have to go to their friends’ parties because otherwise they won’t go to your kid’s parties. It may seem like you and your children are constantly going to kid birthday parties, and the typical ideas can get worn out quite quickly. So if you want to actually make your kid’s party fun, you have to put in a lot of work, right? Wrong. The digital age offers us a few advantages that make planning a party much easier. Read on to see our list of the best smartphone apps to make the entire process much more enjoyable, so you can actually enjoy some go kart racing at Speed Raceway when big day rolls around.

This app has party planning covered from beginning to end. It is perfect events large and small. It will allow you to everything from importing guest lists, delegate tasks and set reminders for dates. No longer are you forced to do and remember everything yourself. You have a busy life, and every day brings its own challenges, so you really don’t need to be responsible for remembering whether you asked someone to bring the chips. With Pro Party Planner, you will be able to check. You can even Facetime that person from within the app to make sure they are on top of it.

Pepperplate is another great app for managing the food aspect of parties. And if I know anything about partying, I know that food is an incredibly important part, so pay attention. This app will allow you to organize recipes, create menus, plan meals, and make shopping lists. You can even import your favorite online recipes and use them to plan a personalized multi-course meal. However, if you are planning a party for a bunch of little kids, you may want to skip multiple rounds of food before the go kart racing, but to each his own.

Venmo is an amazing app. It allows you an easy (and in most cases free) way to send and receive money. This can be great when you are hosting a party with a couple people and the costs will be divided. Never again will you simply have to wait hoping that everyone will remember to pay for their share. You don’t have to be that person constantly calling and reminding everyone. Instead, it is all electronic and incredibly fast. All you have to do is connect Venmo to your Facebook profile, and you will instantly be able to send and receive money from all of your friends. That way, a go kart racing birthday party shared between friends won’t result in one family avoiding the bill.

If you haven’t played HeadsUp at a party, you should probably download it before your next one. This app is a game that has turned charades on its head. These days, you can just download the app and have multiple categories of charade topics at your fingertips. You don’t have to worry about trying to read people’s messy handwriting or coming up with examples. They will all be there, just waiting for your group to act them out.

Many of you have probably heard of Snapchat, but I am guessing you haven’t considered it in this context: It can be used to help keep your out-of-town family from missing out on family moments. As you have [probably encountered, once you start having kids, it gets extremely difficult to travel. Grandparents, cousins, extended family, everyone wants to see your cute child on their 5th birthday, but not everyone can make it in town for the event. Snapchat will allow you to easily take a photo or a short clip and share it with your friends. That way you don’t have to worry about putting up the in-laws every time a birthday rolls around.

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