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The 3 Best Go-Karts You'll Ever See


We've all seen plenty of normal go-karts. Your local mom-and-pop track has some gas-powered, noisy karts from the 80s that have been broken and fixed a dozen times. Nothing to see there. They look and smell terrible, and they aren't even fast! Fortunately there have been major developments with electric go karts, and your nearby indoor go kart track probably has a whole fleet of these new karts ready to go. If you think you've seen the best that go karting has to offer, I suggest you give these new karts a whirl.


Some people love go karts so much they own some themselves, and love to customize them in lots of awesome ways. Check out some of the best go karts you'll ever see!


APC Go Kart

This might not even be a real go kart, and it may not be exactly track-legal, but it would definitely be awesome to take mudding! Looks like it is straight out of a war movie.


Sportscar Gokart

While you might not win Le Mans with this go kart, it's certainly the slickest kart on the track no matter where you go. Next best thing to a real Ferrari.


Batmobile Go Kart

While it's probably not strong enough for the Caped Crusader himself, this go kart is definitely the coolest ones I've ever seen.


While you may not be able to race all these awesome go karts at Speed Raceway, they've got the best track and the fastest karts there are! Whether you're looking for a birthday party, corporate event, or just a fun afternoon, we can make your event unforgettable. Keep an eye on our website to learn more about our new location reopening in downtown Denver soon!


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