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Do you need a birthday party idea?


It can be difficult to keep up with the rapidly changing interests of a young boy. When they are between the ages of eight and thirteen, it can seem like they are interested in something new each day. This can make it extremely difficult to plan an exciting and affordable birthday party for your son. That is why it is important to have a couple standbys in case your son, like most other children his age, isn’t totally adept at making up his mind or clearly articulating his desires. Also, if he is prone to changing interests on a whim like many children those ages, what he wants as his party theme one day may seem totally lame the next. For this reason, you should read on to learn the top five summertime boy birthday party ideas for Coloradoans.

  • Who wants to go bowling?

Bowling is classic. Bowling is almost always fun. If you can ignore the grimy floors, rented shoes, and seedy types of people that always seem to hang around bowling alleys, your boy is sure to have a blast with his friends. Bowling alleys are open year round and cater to birthday parties quite well, as it provides a large portion of their bottom line. It is consistent and cheap, and you can typically get everything you need in one place (even the alcohol for the parents.) Because of this, bowling ranks at number five for the top boy birthday party ideas for Colorado kids.

  • Tag, you’re it!

Laser tag is like bowling in that it is always an option, rain or shine. You can do it any time of year because it takes place inside. It can be a little more expensive than bowling, but you certainly won’t have to break the bank. Laser tag businesses are also quite used to catering to party groups and typically have reservable rooms for eating the cake and ice cream. One benefit that laser tag has over bowling is that the kids get to run around a lot. In each round they get to sprint around in a dark room shooting at flashing lights on their opponent’s vests. Then they take a break, come out, eat a snack, maybe play an arcade game, then they go right back out there. By nightfall, all the kids are wiped out from sugar crashes and sprinting, so you will have a little more peace at the end of the night.

  • Race like a pro

Though indoor go kart racing takes place inside, and your kids will be sitting down driving throughout the activity, it still ranks number one. The thrill of modern go karts is extreme. You can throw out the notion that these things are only for the wee ones because a lot of their clientele are adults. It is so enjoyable getting into these little mini-racecars and whipping around turn.

The racetracks also often cater to parties, so you have the option of renting a room or catering food or drinks. It is truly amazing how exhilarating it can be to get do a few laps. Even though the races are relatively quick, it feels much longer when you are doing it. Every turn and every second matters, so time seems to slow down. Once you finish you are left with a lot of adrenaline and a pure sense of joy. This is equally fun for the parents and the kids. It is something they can do together, and because of this, it lands the number one spot for the top boy birthday party ideas.


If your son is having a party soon, I truly hope you chose one of these options. They are all fairly easy to plan, and they can all be a whole lot of fun. So if you are serious about throwing an unforgettable party for your son, plan it around an activity that the will love.

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