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Some Tips for Planning Your Boyfriends Birthday Party


Even though our Denver Speed Raceway location is currently closed down, we are still booking parties for this winter. We plan to be back up and running in December, so that means we can still host the annual Christmas and New Year Parties. But it doesn’t have to be the holidays for you to throw a party. Does your husband or boyfriend have a birthday coming up? Have they been particularly good this year? Maybe they deserve a fun night with you and other friends doing something awesome like go kart racing. And don’t worry if it is cold out. Our facility will have two full tracks indoor tracks in our new facility.

If you can think of a reason to throw a party, I highly recommend you do so at our new Speed Raceway location. If you wish, we will work with you to provide food and alcohol and even entertainment. Whatever you want to do, we will help you to make it happen. And if you need a few more basic pieces of party-throwing advice, here you go.

A. Always Center the Party on a Fun Activity

We throw parties so we can have a great time. The whole point is to do something out of the ordinary, so why don’t you break from the typical themes and invite your friends to come join you for a night of racing ridiculousness. You will be blown away at how fast our karts are, allowing you to temporarily leave all of your worries behind. If you throw your party at a fun location, you have a much higher chance of having a fun party.

B. Bring Fun People Along

If you are going to go through the trouble of having an awesome party at a cool indoor go kart racing location, be sure to invite the right people. Don’t invite only your girly friends who prefer to sit quietly in a fancy bar sipping a cocktail waiting for someone to approach them. Invite your friends who go up and engage random people. This is going to be a night for fun and excitement, so be sure to bring the party patrol.

C. Can You Really Have a Party Without Food?

When it comes to parties, food is incredibly important. Nothing kills a party vibe quicker than a couple people with low blood sugar. At the very least you can bring some snacks for you and your friends. But we highly recommend working with us to cater the event. Make sure you are all properly stuffed with food and drinks. That will improve any situation, even one already as cool as go kart racing.

D. Don’t Go Broke For A Party.

Your boyfriend or husband is probably a great dude. If he is anything like me, he totally deserves a party in his honor. He works really hard, so he needs one night of pure fun. You can provide this without having to break your bank account. We at Speed Raceway offer group discounts to make these situations even more affordable. Work with us, and we will work with you.


Ladies, take it from me, you want to throw a party at Speed Raceway. Not only will your man have a wonderful time, but he will recognize all the thought and love you put into planning a special day for him. Maybe he will be more likely to recognize how deserving you are of a special day. Who knows? Maybe he will throw you a party at Speed Raceway next!

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