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Go Kart Racing Is Hitting Its Stride


My friends are always trying to get me to do lame activities. Well, maybe that isn’t exactly true. They are just always trying to get us to do the same things. We watch football at the same house each week. We go to the same bars. We play cards with the same people. We are young guys, but somehow we have already gotten ourselves into a boring routine. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends, and I love hanging out, but I really wanted to mix it up. That is why I decided to research group events in Denver for a place where my buddies can hold our annual fantasy football draft. And it turns out the perfect option was right under my nose. I had heard about Speed Raceway for a long time, but I had never been there. So I went there on my own to check it out, and it absolutely blew me away.

  • Go Kart Racing is Lots of Fun

You see, I grew up with the notion that indoor go karts were lame and could only thrill children who had never actually driven a car. Fortunately enough for me, times have changed. I don’t know if I just wasn’t exposed to the best electric go karts as a child or whether the electric go kart technology has made some leaps and bounds in the past fifteen to twenty years, but Speed Raceway isn’t messing around. Their karts are fast, extremely fast.

These days the indoor go karts don’t look like the ones I remembered from my youth, basically a seat on top of a lawnmower. They look like miniature racecars. It is really cool. And even better, Speed Raceway exclusively uses electric go karts, so they are really quiet. You flip a switch and they are ready to go. Even more impressive, you press the gas pedal and you accelerate to top speed almost immediately. You don’t have to wait for this noisy and smoky machine to chug and churn its way to top speed. It is almost instantaneous with their karts.

I was talking with the employee who got me set up, and I told him I hadn’t been in a go kart in many years. He warned me it would be a different experience. I’m pretty sure I rolled my eyes thinking he was just hyping the experience, but it turns out he was totally correct. The acceleration makes all the difference because the tracks are so curvy that you are constantly letting off the gas to hit a sharp turn. Luckily, you are back going as quickly as you want to as soon as you hit the pedal, so you barely lose any speed. Speed Raceway isn’t messing around. Their indoor go karts are legit.

  • Group Events at Speed Raceway

Once I was able to confirm that the karts were up to grade, I had to check their ability to host groups. As it turns out, they do so very well. Apparently, and not too surprisingly, private events are a big part of their business, and I was able to tell why. They offer a great private room that can serve many purposes. Businesses can hold meetings in there in between races. Birthday partyers can eat their cake and ice cream in there. And private groups like us can use that room for our fantasy football draft. Everyone set up the long table, and we took turns writing our picks on the white board. It was great.

Speed Raceway offers bulk ticket discounts, so we were able to save some money when getting races for everyone. We showed up and did two races, and then we retired to the private room for the first half of our draft. After that, we took a break for two more races and then got back to it. After the last pick of the last round, we wrapped the night with two final races. It was amazing. We were able to work together and compete at the same time. We were able to be out in public while still having the comfort and safety of a private room. And all the while, the Speed Raceway employees couldn’t have been any cooler. They were nice and fun and happy to see us lightheartedly making fun of each other for stupid picks. (Tony Romo in the 2nd round?!? Way to go Scott…)


I was truly impressed with the whole experience. We all were, so much in fact that we booked next year’s draft that night. It was just the perfect situation for us. Now, I am not saying that it is guaranteed to be up your alley, but if you are looking for a convenient and exciting break from the normal monotony of life, give Speed Raceway a shot. Their indoor go karts are awesome, and they provide a ton of great options, so you can create whatever kind of group event you want. 


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