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Does Your Office Need a Corporate Team Building Day?


In a perfect world, businesses would run smoothly every day of the year.  Employees would show up on time, get along with each other, do their work without complaining and stay at the company for the entirety of their careers.  Sadly, this isn’t Pleasantville.  You’re business is going to go through slumps.  There will be employee turnover at some point and not everyone is going to get along.  These are the realities of owning a business and if you want employees to be happy, productive and cordial then you may want to consider a corporate team building day.  Below are some key indicators for when you might need to do some team building in Denver along with activities we believe can help alleviate the problem.

New Hires/New Teams

Bringing on new members to your organization or just to your specific team or department is a big transition for both parties.  As the new hire, you’ve just been thrust into a new world, filled with people you’ve probably never met before.  You’re hesitant to open up right away for fear of standing out and have no real idea of what the culture is like.  For the organization, you’ve just made a huge investment in bringing on a new hire and need to get them acclimated to everything you’re about so that they can start bringing value to the bottom line as soon as possible.

Utilizing a corporate team building event to welcome new hires is a great way to not only start their time off at your company on the right foot but also give them the necessary time to really understand what your company is about, what the culture is like and get to know the people they will be working with.  Taking a group of new hires to places like Speed Raceway is a great idea!  With conference rooms available for orientation meetings and the race track for showing off a fun loving company culture, Speed has everything you need to help break the ice with your newest additions.

People Need Motivation

Sometimes you can just walk into a room and feel the boredom of others slap you right in the face.  Especially in today’s business world, workers are being absolutely worked to death at some jobs.  With long hours and little down time, it’s no wonder that some workforces suffer from a lack of motivation at some time or another.  In order to kick start productivity and bring your employees back to sanity, why not try a corporate event out of the office for a day?  Pull people out of the same environment they’ve been in for the past year and let them breathe some fresh air and get their adrenaline going at Speed Raceway!  Shake things up with something outside the norm and maybe rent out the conference room for a quick meeting between races implementing a new commission strategy to reinvigorate your employees?  No matter how you do it, make sure your workers come back to the office the next day ready to kick ass and take names!

People Aren’t Getting Along

The truth is that not everyone gets along at work.  Some people just have differing viewpoints, others jockey for leadership positions and others still just flat out don’t like each other.  No matter the reason, it’s your job to figure out ways to resolve these issues and one of the best ways to do that is through corporate team building.  Set aside a day to take people away from the competitive business environment and put them in a more relaxed and fun situation where they can find common ground.  Let them settle their differences on the track and help them resolve their issues in the conference rooms at Speed Raceway.  Don’t let their disdain for each other tear your organization apart.  Instead, help them patch things up the right way!

No matter what your company does or how well you treat your workers, there will be tough times for your employees.  As the owner, it’s your job to recognize these signs of unrest and find the right solution to bring happiness and productivity back.  So the next time things in the office seem off kilter, pack everyone up and bring them over to Speed Raceway, your employees and bottom line will thank you for it!


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