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Indoor Go Kart Racing Is a Great Party Idea: Learn How to Plan Others


A lot of people think throwing a party is easy. Well, I just misspoke. Throwing a party is easy, but throwing a great party is what takes skill. Anybody can invite friends to come over and hang out, but is that really a party? Drinking a few beers while lying on couches and watching Planet Earth might once have been considered a pretty fun night, but we can do better than that. Can’t we?

 We are more mature. We are in need of more intelligent and exciting stimulation. Perhaps it is because we are more intelligent these days. Maybe we are just more jaded. We have done the same things too many times. We have been to too many lame parties. We are now in need of something better. Well, fear not, because I am going to teach you the easy steps to throwing a truly cool party.

  • It all begins with the food

Now maybe it is because I live in Colorado, and it is the cool thing to considering oneself to be a “foodie.” Or perhaps it is because I have always been a big dude. I’m not like three hundred pounds or anything, but I have always been tall, and I have always loved to eat, so food has always been very important to me. For this reason, I think food can make or break a party.

Maybe you have seen the series of Snickers commercials where a normal person turns into an angry Joe Pesci just because they are hungry. I don’t know if you have ever suffered from this or if you have witnessed your friends doing it, but some people are simply unpleasant when they need food. On the other side of that coin, some people can remain pleasant when they are hungry, but as soon as they get some delicious food in them, they come alive. They start becoming noticeably more talkative and visibly happier. Food can bring out the best in people, and delicious good can make even the worst situations bearable.

For this reason, I think it I absolutely imperative to provide access to good food for any party. Even if your event doesn’t have a large budget, and you don’t want to include food, you can still provide the option by making sure something is nearby. So it appears your options are these: cook or buy snacks for the party, make it a potluck and have everyone bring something, or just make sure that the event is close to some restaurants or food trucks or that food can be delivered where you are. So long as people can get it one way or another, you will be okay, but a truly good host provides yummy food.

  • Ambiance is key

A large part of throwing any party is deciding what atmosphere you want it to be. Is it going to be a quiet late night of thoughtful conversation? If so, spend a couple bucks and get some candles. Candlelight goes a long way in promoting a relaxing mood. Also, it gets people to get a little closer since the lights don’t travel as far.

Is the night going to be a fun dance party? If so, maybe rent some cheap stage lights and a smoke machine, or hire a dj that comes equipped with these things. You would be surprised at how little gear you need to make a normal party in your house feel like rager thrown in the movie “House Party.”

Be sure to pick out some music that corresponds with your theme. Like lighting, music plays a vital role in establishing the mood you want. And if you ever want to change the mood to lower or elevate it slightly, all you need is the right song. The Space Jam Soundtrack sure can get some people’s heart pumping just like Norah Jones can really help calm the mood down. Just figure out what is it you may want, and plan accordingly. Burn a CD or make a playlist, and try to make sure that wherever you will be will allow you to control the music, or at the very least make some requests.

  • Location, Location, Location

Location is huge when throwing a party. Is it close to other things? Is it close to where people live? Is the activity crazy enough to make those previous questions meaningless? Obviously you can throw a party in your living room. Or maybe you have a friend with a great party house, i.e. comfy living room couches, solid stereo, big kitchen (people always hang out in the kitchen of a house party), or a nice back patio possibly with a pool. There are many aspects that can make up a great party house, but not every party is meant to be in a home, so don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit. After all, some of the thrill of a party is getting to do something out of the ordinary. It’s your party, so plan it to your specifications.

You all know about the normal party ideas: house, pool, dance, etc. Let me give you some ideas you might not have considered. If you live in Denver, Colorado like I do, you might want to consider catch a professional sports games. Getting Broncos tickets for all of your friends might be way out of your price range, but that doesn’t mean it is the same for all of the others sports. You can quite cheaply get Rockies (baseball), or Avalanche (hockey), Nuggets (basketball), or even Rapids (soccer) tickets for a whole group without breaking the bank. These places won’t allow you to customize the music, but they sure will provide a fun atmosphere with plenty of access to food and drinks.

Another option that has been growing steadily recently is electric indoor go kart racing. I know, it sounds like it is only for children, but trust me when I say those things go fast. Speed Raceway has a local shop, and their karts are faster than you would want to go. Because the course is filled with turns, you can barely get to top speed before you have to hit the brake, so you won’t slam into to wall when trying to make the next turn. The technological advances have been huge in recent years. No longer are you forced to drive dinky kid karts while you pretend to have fun. These are truly something the entire family can enjoy. So if you are partying with your kids or you are going with your buddies, I highly recommend some indoor go kart racing. Those places are especially great because they cater to group parties, so you can rent out the whole track if you want. You can cater food and play music and drive to your heart’s content.


Hopefully you now understand the easy steps to consider when throwing a party. Will you be doing something that people enjoy? Will it give them enough excitement to temporarily escape the troubles of life? Will the mood be appropriate to the action? And for goodness sake, will there be food?!? These are the questions you need to ponder when throwing a party. Just be mindful of what it is you want the party to be, and use all of the party aspects to help reinforce that idea. 


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does anybody know a great food place that's cheap but good in philly?????
Posted @ Wednesday, August 21, 2013 3:01 PM by Jim Hull
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