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Why Great Corporate Team Building Events Happen Outside the Office


Being tasked with coordinating a corporate team building activity can lead to mixed emotions.  On one hand, you have the opportunity to find fun and exciting places and events for you and your coworkers to do for a whole day of “work” while on the other hand you have a budget and possible backlash from unhappy workers to deal with if the day goes south.  If you’re thinking of throwing your team building event at the office, consider this: most employees are less excited and therefore less likely to enjoy and find value in activities done at the office.  Here at Speed Raceway, we’ve looked into why that is and have come up with 3 reasons why a successful corporate team building activity will almost always be off-site.

Change the scenery or suffer the consequences…

Team building in Denver already has a slightly negative connotation in your employees’ minds thanks to past experiences at other jobs.  The idea of having an easy day without the normal workload is all but ruined by the fact that they get to be in the same office space still, just doing other duties.  This realization often leads to a lack of enthusiasm, low participation and even lower retention of whatever lessons your activities were trying to pass on.  Instead, a trip outside the office brings a much needed change of scenery for your fellow workers and provides a new and exciting environment that will lead to higher energy levels and a greater willingness to learn and participate!

Offices weren’t meant to hold team building activities…

Nobody likes cramming the entire staff into the conference room.  Having everyone stand around an open desk or bring their office chairs into the break room is even worse.  Unless you have your own auditorium at your office, your work space probably wasn’t made to hold corporate teaming building events.  Squeezing an entire department into one tiny room is a surefire way to make people uncomfortable, agitated and unwilling to learn, so why not bring them to a place with Denver team building specific spaces?  Places like Speed Raceway have conference rooms built specifically for your business and its events, catering to the various needs of different activities and group sizes.  Make sure your workers are comfortable and that you have the space and tools needed to make the most of your event!

Where are the exciting activities?

Even if you have an auditorium at your office, excitement still won’t be very high.  What will your workers have to look forward to besides meetings, speeches and group work?  A magician?  Please.  A lack of excitement and competition is something that will almost always kill a Denver team building event.  Instead, sprinkle in some competitive action between your motivational speeches and corporate team building activities and give your co-workers something they want to do!  A few laps around the track will not only bring everyone closer together through competition, but will also show them that you are willing to give up some of your time to allow them to have some fun, making them more willing to actively participate in other team building exercises that day.  By creating a win-win situation, you ensure a more effective team building day!

Setting up a corporate team building event for your company is hard.  Balancing management’s expectations for measurable growth from the event and your worker’s need for something different and exciting is even harder.  Be sure to make the decision to take everyone outside of the office for the day and over to Speed Raceway for what will be the best team building event to date!


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