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Why Other Birthday Parties in South Jersey Just Don’t Compare


When it comes to planning your child’s birthday parties, you’re very lucky to have so many unique and fun options to choose from.  Places like Chuck-E-Cheese’s and miniature golf are always fun, and amusement parks and house parties get rave reviews but nothing really compares to having a birthday party at Speed Raceway!  Below is a list of ideas for birthday parties in South Jersey and why we think they just don’t match up to go kart racing!

Video Arcades

Let’s face it, video arcades are a dying breed.  Home gaming consuls have all but killed the arcade and because of that, they just aren’t that cool any more.  While you may get a discounted rate for a party, you’ll be dealing with dark and dirty party rooms, shared arcade space and bored kids!  Don’t turn your kid’s big day into a big disaster!  Instead, try mixing up their options with Speed Raceway, where they can race their faces off with go kart racing and take breaks over by our own video arcade!


Everyone loves a little putt-putt golf, but is it really a party-worthy place?  Unless your course takes reservations, you’ll most likely be dealing with the rest of the public who wants to try the back 9 meaning you’ll have to split up your group!  Hope everyone in your party is ok with not getting to hang out with the birthday king or queen and hopefully you have enough adults to supervise those little guys, because we all know that kids aren’t always on their best behavior when there’s golf clubs, ponds and fake scenery involved.  Why not bring them to our track where we can schedule a private event so that everyone in your group gets to race with the birthday boy or girl!

Amusement Parks

Roller coasters, fun houses and Ferris Wheels!  A day at the theme park is a great way to make sure your kids are having fun, but at what cost?  For one, there’s the literal cost which is insanely high these days while you also have to deal with seasonal operating schedules, enormous lines and the risk of losing a party member in the crowd.  There definitely are quite a few costs involved… So instead take them to a safe and enclosed Speed Raceway track that’s open year-round, provides different price ranges and options for the party planner on a budget and can be booked privately so that you aren’t forced to wait in line with everyone else!

House Party

Sometime just having everyone over to your house is an easy and fun way to spend a birthday party, but have you fully thought through everything involved in having your kid’s friends over?  First, you need to clean the house and “party-proof” your rooms for all the little kids hopped up on sugar.  Then it’s time to start cooking dinner and snacks for everyone while also baking the cake!  To think, all that effort is just the pre-party tasks!  You still have to throw the party, pray nothing gets broken and then clean up the massive mess left behind by half a dozen or more party-crazed youngsters.  Why not take the hassle out of it and host the next birthday parties in South Jersey at Speed Raceway?  Private party rooms are waiting while our catering options can take care of your entire party’s food needs.  Don’t forget about the energy they’ll be spending out on the track so you can take home one tired puppy at the end of the day!


When you really sit down and think about it, planning where your child’s birthday party will be isn’t that hard of a choice anymore.  While there are going to be countless birthday parties in South Jersey, none will compete with those at Speed Raceway.  We offer private parties with no waiting in lines, affordable racing packages, clean and secure party rooms, catering for your party, awesome arcade games and the safest and most fun go kart racing in town!  Click below to find out more information about planning birthday parties.


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