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Indoor Go-karts and How to Throw a Great Party for Your Adult Friends


How many of you have been to a party thrown by one of your friends where no one was having any fun? How many of you have been to more than one of these? How many times have you been at one of these parties and thought to yourself, “I could have easily thrown a better get-together than this.” I know I have been in that position tons of times. I have watched my friends get older. Some now even have kids. The sad truth is they are now going to use their subpar fiesta skills to throw parties for their children. I could idly sit by and watch them make mistakes when throwing parties for us, but I cannot watch them go on to ruin their children with a lifetime of disappointing birthdays. Luckily for me, I am now in a position to be able to save other people from making the same mistakes that many of my friends have made because I can tell you the very easy steps to throwing a great party, and I can clue you in to what Denver private party location will blow your friend’s minds.

  • Step 1: Plan For Your Audience

Not every party is going to be the same. In fact, they should all be quite different. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. They all seem cookie-cutteresque these days. The first step to throwing any great party is to understand your audience. Little kids like games, cake, soda, and ice-cream. Adults are just as simple, but they enjoy other things. The problem is that typical adults find something that works, and then they just stick with it. When we were all around college age, it became the standard to listen to music while hanging around a beer pong table all night. This was fun the first one or two hundred times, but any activity can get stale with age.

Make sure that, whatever is going to be the central activity of your party, you have planned something that people aren’t already burned out on. Children don’t like to go to the Discovery Zone for every party. Twenty year olds don’t like to stand around only playing beer pong, and adults don’t want every get-together to be a dinner party. You need to know what your friends will want to do, and you will need to know what they are already sick of. You should look for a Denver private party location where your friends can relax for a moment while still engaging in an activity that takes them out of their comfort zone.

  • Food and Booze Is a Must

The older we get, the more our bodies get into a rhythm. We need to eat regularly, and some of us need a drink at a certain point in the night. If you want your buddies to be able to leave all of their worries at home, you need to make sure you provide access to quality food and beer. I am not saying that just because you want to have friends over you are required to shell out for both of these things, but it is absolutely necessary to make sure you guests have access. You could take everyone to a local brewery like Renegade Brewing Company that (obviously) serves beer, and they allow a plethora of foods to be delivered inside. Or you could take people to a baseball game where they have access to hotdogs and cold ones. I will say however that the best parties do provide booze and food, but so long as you simply provide the access, your party can be just fine.

  • The Best Parties Have a Private Room

When you are out partying with friends, it is always nice to have a private area where you can retreat with your group. In a club, this is called bottle service. At a professional basketball game, you could have your own box. If it is me planning this party, I would rent out the event room at the Speed Raceway indoor go-kart track. This Denver private party location is ideal because it is versatile. You have the options of just racing with some friends, renting out the event room so your group has a place to relax while other people race, or simply renting the entire facility. If you have a big enough group, you should absolutely rent out the whole track because then you are free to customize the experience to your liking. You can have food catered and play your own music. You can take breaks from racing and have a dance party for a bit. It will be whatever experience you want it to be.


Everyone has different gifts. Some people are good at math. Some people can hear extremely well. Some people are gifted by being able to pick up on the feelings of those around them. If you are the party host, you should try to develop that trait. Try to focus in on what is makes people happy. It is your responsibility to create an environment where they are both relaxed and excited, which isn’t always an easy job. While there are tons of options around town where you can throw a great event, I would seriously recommend Speed Raceway because it is a seriously unique and exciting Denver private party location.


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