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4 Tips to Help Make Your Corporate Event Count!


Just been assigned the task of setting up an event for your company?  Don’t know where to start?  Stuck searching for fun and exciting corporate team building ideas that will make it impossible for anyone at the office to whine about?  We know what you’re going through!  Here at Speed Raceway, we’ve helped plan and execute countless events for various companies and we’ve turned the art of corporate events planning into a science!  Just remember these 4 tips and soon you’ll be planning the best team building event your co-workers have ever seen!

Tip 1: Allocate Your Budget

We all would love to be able to reserve an entire theme park for the day, but the sad reality of life for most businesses is that their budget just doesn’t allow for it.  Knowing what your budget for your corporate event is the first step in the right direction!

Tip 2: Choose and Reserve Your Date & Venue

Once you know how much your company is willing to spend, it’s time to figure out a venue that provides the right atmosphere for your corporate team building ideas while still staying within your budget.  Speed Raceway provides an excellent opportunity for any type of business to entertain their employees with adrenaline-filled racing while also allowing a great team building atmosphere with various sized conference rooms!

Now that you’ve chosen where you would like to hold your event, it’s time to figure out dates!  We recommend early to middle of the week days during normal business hours for where ever you end up going.  This way you minimize the chance of running into scheduling issues with the general public!

Tip 3: Book Entertainment

Everyone loves a fun day out of the office, but unfortunately the higher ups will almost never allow you to just take your co-workers on a field trip!  So you better make sure you have some sort of speaker, seminar or entertainment set up to make those bosses happy!  There are great seminar speakers within the Denver area such as Robert White of Extraordinary People along with many others!  Find the right speaker for you, and see both your co-workers and bosses happy during your corporate event!

Tip 4: Compose a “Day-of” Timeline

Now that it would seem everything is set and booked, it’s time to make a “day-of” timeline or itinerary.  Knowing when you’ll be leaving work, how people will get to the venue and how long it will take are just a few things that will help you be as prepared as possible when the big day comes!

Setting up corporate events can be challenging, daunting almost.  But with the help of these 4 tips, you’ll be able to plan and host the best corporate team building experience your company has ever seen!


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