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Three Reasons to Choose Indoor Electric Go Karts!


You've got lots of choices for summer entertainment, so what should you go with? Whether you're in school and enjoying summer vacation, or you're working full time and just need to get out of the house on the weekends and away from Netflix, you've got so many options for entertainment. Mountain biking, skydiving, paintball, go karts... these are just a few of the options right around me that I can pick from any given weekend. Even between those, there are different choices. Should I race some gas-powered, outdoor go karts, or opt for the indoor, electric go kart option? For me, the electric karts is a no-brainer. Why? Here's three reasons!


1. Electric karts are just as fast as their gas-powered counterparts. Some people may think that electric carts are going to be small and slow, but they can whip around the track even faster than the gas-guzzling versions. I was skeptical, but one race made me a believer. Once everyone gets on the track and the ref cranks the throttle up to full - hold on. It's amazing, and you'll never go back to your old school gas-powered karts ever again!


2. Racing indoor electric go karts is better for the environment. Save some gas and enjoy racing electric karts indoors without the smog and smells of gas-powered karts. Nobody wants to leave the track smelling like oil and gas for hours, so go for the green, electric option! Colorado is already such a eco-friendly place with many people who do their part to help protect the environment, why not enjoy the craziest eco-friendly race you'll ever find!


3. Your racing trip won't be subject to the elements. Sudden rain showers can't close an indoor track, so you can plan your race with confidence. Being indoors means you'll be out of the hot sun and get to enjoy the races from trackside! Too many times as a kid I stood in line in the hot sun waiting for my turn to get in some noisy, gas-powered go karts, got through my short race, and then ran back inside for water. It's just silly to spend the summer out in the sun around hot go karts when you can be going faster on an indoor track with some air conditioning to cool you off between races. It's just the smarter way to race!


Based on those three factors, seems like visiting an indoor electric go kart track is by far the best bet. Between saving the environment, staying cool indoors, and racing some crazy fast go karts, seems like your summer entertainment decision has been made! If you're looking for the best electric go kart experience, your search is over! Speed Raceway has the perfect facility for all your racing needs. Whether you're having a birthday party, teambuilding event, bachelor party, or just want to race, their track is the only place you need. Contact us today and let us plan your perfect party, or just stop by and hit the track!



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