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Here Are Our Favorite Extreme Events, Including Go Kart Racing


Everyone loves to try something new and crazy from time to time. When you're a teenager growing up, you want to be daring and push your limits. Sometimes this can get you in trouble, but with an extreme sport, you can usually have fun and get a nice adrenaline rush without breaking the law. I've always been a big fan of trying new extreme adventures, so let me share a few of my favorites I've enjoyed over the years!


Skydiving - Everyone automatically has an opinion about skydiving. It's either, "I can't wait to do that" or "I'll never do that!" Not a lot of middle ground about jumping out of a plane, but I can assure you, the exhileration is unmatched by just about anything else. The professionals who operate skydiving businesses know the dangers and take every precaution to make sure you have the safest and craziest ride of your life. Not only will you remember the experience for the rest of your life, but you'll get some pretty amazing Facebook profile pictures on the way down. While you recreate a Bond movie scene. Or "Point Break."


Paintball - Definitely on a different spectrum than skydiving, paintball has always been one of my favorite activities. People are often scared to play because they don't want to get hurt, but I promise, it's not that bad. My first job at 16 was a referee at a paintball place, so I would get shot dozens of times a day, and after the first couple, you barely notice anymore. Paintball is a lot of fun and safe way to pretend to go to war against your buddies. With a wide variety of gametypes to play, like capture the flag and king of the hill, and plenty of different types of fields (inflatable cover, castles, forts, and nature), there is bound to be a setup that you will love. Get some glory stories and dominate your friends!


Go Kart Racing - This doesn't involve jumping out of a plane or getting shot by paint, so if you want a fun experience without much danger, go kart racing is the best choice. You can still dominate your friends and whip around the track at high speed! I've always enjoyed the different racetracks I've been on, but the best is an indoor go cart facility that can be open and enjoyed year-round, regardless of weather. If they have electric go karts, that's even better, because you still get the raw speed without all the fumes. I highly recommend heading to the track as soon as possible!


Between these three activities, you are guaranteed to have an awesome time. Nothing breaks up the daily routine of work or school like a skydiving, paintball, or a go kart racing trip. If you are in the Philadelphia or South Jersey areas, you should head out to Speed Raceway and get your adrenaline fix today!



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