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5 Holiday Events You Don’t Want to Miss This Year


The holidays are upon us and with the changing of the weather come the joys of the winter season!  Here at Speed Raceway, we wanted to make sure that you are making the most of this magical time of year by giving you a few fun ideas to get you out of the house, enjoying the season and taking in some culture!

Why Team Building Is Important for Your Company


Thanks to the growth of digital communications, the global market, and the ever-increasing specialization and division of labor, modern society has become extremely fluid and dynamic. Individuals are now required to move between many different groups of people in their professional and personal lives. All types of people, from investment bankers to catering staff and musicians, face the same difficulties. The need for techniques to help people adapt to the new requirements and get on well in a new group has never been greater!

Does Your Office Need a Corporate Team Building Day?


In a perfect world, businesses would run smoothly every day of the year.  Employees would show up on time, get along with each other, do their work without complaining and stay at the company for the entirety of their careers.  Sadly, this isn’t Pleasantville.  You’re business is going to go through slumps.  There will be employee turnover at some point and not everyone is going to get along.  These are the realities of owning a business and if you want employees to be happy, productive and cordial then you may want to consider a corporate team building day.  Below are some key indicators for when you might need to do some team building in Denver along with activities we believe can help alleviate the problem.

Why Great Corporate Team Building Events Happen Outside the Office


Being tasked with coordinating a corporate team building activity can lead to mixed emotions.  On one hand, you have the opportunity to find fun and exciting places and events for you and your coworkers to do for a whole day of “work” while on the other hand you have a budget and possible backlash from unhappy workers to deal with if the day goes south.  If you’re thinking of throwing your team building event at the office, consider this: most employees are less excited and therefore less likely to enjoy and find value in activities done at the office.  Here at Speed Raceway, we’ve looked into why that is and have come up with 3 reasons why a successful corporate team building activity will almost always be off-site.

5 Ways to Convince Your Boss on Corporate Team Building at Speed Raceway


Let’s be real, sometimes work can be stressful.  With the various assignments, responsibilities and deadlines constantly keeping you awake, no day at the office is easy.  Don’t forget about the boss too!  Even though he might not be as bad as Kevin Spacey in the movie Horrible Bosses, he’s still pretty tough on you.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get a break from work for a while AND take it to your boss?  Why not push for a corporate team building event at Speed Raceway then?  What better way to get back at your boss then by burning rubber on the track and leaving him in your dust?  Now if only you could convince him to take everyone out to the track, your plan would be perfect!

A Few Tips to Ensure Your Staff Enjoys the Next Team Building Event


How many of you have been to a team building event with your company where you started checking your watch five minutes after you got there? I certainly know I have. It is because most corporate events are terrible. Well, maybe I should say that most planners of these team building exercises haven’t had the luxury of reading this and learning the few easy steps to planning an event your employees will actually enjoy. 

4 Tips to Help Make Your Corporate Event Count!


Just been assigned the task of setting up an event for your company?  Don’t know where to start?  Stuck searching for fun and exciting corporate team building ideas that will make it impossible for anyone at the office to whine about?  We know what you’re going through!  Here at Speed Raceway, we’ve helped plan and execute countless events for various companies and we’ve turned the art of corporate events planning into a science!  Just remember these 4 tips and soon you’ll be planning the best team building event your co-workers have ever seen!

5 Team-Building Benefits To Go Kart Racing


Every business is always looking for ways to improve themselves. Whether it's more sales, becoming more efficient, or protecting their IT systems, companies want to make themselves as strong and unified as possible. One of the best ways to help promote a complete and potent workplace is through team-building exercises and events. These can range from dull HR meetings, all the way to more exhilerating activities like go kart racing. Every business has lots of choices on how they promote team unity in their company, and go kart racing is the best way to do it! Here are five benefits to holding a company go kart racing event.

Corporate Team Building Has Never Been This Fun!


We've all been to boring corporate events that had no lasting impression and all we could think about was lunch. There's nothing worse than a long, boring discussion about policy or how to better communicate between departments. Nobody will argue that these aren't important topics that every business needs to address, but does it always have to be so dull? There's gotta be a better way to hold a corporate team building event that will both entertain and educate your staff! Fortunately business owners and HR directors are learning how to host events without putting everyone there to sleep. Hold your corporate event in a clean, friendly environment that will be unforgettable and blow any previous event out of the water.

Need An Adrenaline Fix Now That Winter Sports Are Over?


The winter months may be cold and dreary at times, but for someone who loves snowboarding and skiing, winter is the best time of all. Hitting the slopes for a day on the snow is worth waiting through the hot summer for every year. Nothing beats taking a day off from work or school just to drive out and get some runs in. But May is here, and that means spring is probably here to stay, bringing the winter sports season to a close. So what is an adrenaline fan supposed to do during the warm seasons?

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