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The Craziest Go Kart Track Ever


By now you know that Speed Raceway in Denver is closing its doors for a couple months, and re-opening in a new location, with the same exhilerating experience, just on a new track. While the old Speed Raceway track was fun and challenging for people of all ages, the excitement is building already to see how the new track design turns out. Over the past few months, the word is getting out in the greater Denver area about Speed Raceway's amazing group events and parties, with many local businesses coming out for teambuilding events, and people of all ages hitting the track for birthday, graduation, and bachelor parties.

What Your Plan of Attack Should Look Like at Speed Raceway


If you’re headed to Speed Raceway for the first time chances are you’re going to be a little overwhelmed with everything you’ll see and hear.  Many of our newcomers, while still having tons of fun, make some very predictable mistakes when it comes to racing our go karts and just taking in everything here at Speed Raceway.  Because of that, we’ve decided to plan out what we believe is the best set of things for any newcomer to do at our track.

Never Waste Your Time with Old School Gokarts Again!


Everyone thinks they have a pretty good idea about what go karting is like. Go to some run-down kids entertainment center, stand outside in the heat for 20 minutes waiting in line, race 5 laps in a loud, smell, gas-powered go kart, and run back inside to get out of the heat. Doesn't sound that much fun to me. If that was the only way to race go karts, I wouldn't blame anyone for not wanting to rush out to their nearest course to race. That's not a good environment for a corporate event, kids birthday, or a bachelor party.

5 Things to do Before Summer is Gone!


Summer seems to be slowly making an exit and there are signs to show it.  Leaves are starting to change colors, the weather is slowly getting colder and kids are heading back to school.  Luckily for you, the signs have been pretty drawn out this year; giving you the chance to get your last bit of summer fun in before it’s too late!  With little time left to fit in all the purely summer activities you haven’t done yet, we here at Speed Raceway figured we would help you out by listing some of the best things you can still do before fall takes over!

Why Great Corporate Team Building Events Happen Outside the Office


Being tasked with coordinating a corporate team building activity can lead to mixed emotions.  On one hand, you have the opportunity to find fun and exciting places and events for you and your coworkers to do for a whole day of “work” while on the other hand you have a budget and possible backlash from unhappy workers to deal with if the day goes south.  If you’re thinking of throwing your team building event at the office, consider this: most employees are less excited and therefore less likely to enjoy and find value in activities done at the office.  Here at Speed Raceway, we’ve looked into why that is and have come up with 3 reasons why a successful corporate team building activity will almost always be off-site.

The 4 Rushes Go Kart Racing Will Give You


If you’ve ever been, you can attest to the various feelings and rushes you get while go kart racing.  Nothing else in the world quite gives you all those same feelings at the same time, and after you’ve experienced it you’re only left wanting more.  So what exactly are those different rushes that come together to make such an unforgettable experience on go karts?  Here’s our take on the top 4 rushes you’ll feel when you’re screaming around the track:

5 Ways to Convince Your Boss on Corporate Team Building at Speed Raceway


Let’s be real, sometimes work can be stressful.  With the various assignments, responsibilities and deadlines constantly keeping you awake, no day at the office is easy.  Don’t forget about the boss too!  Even though he might not be as bad as Kevin Spacey in the movie Horrible Bosses, he’s still pretty tough on you.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get a break from work for a while AND take it to your boss?  Why not push for a corporate team building event at Speed Raceway then?  What better way to get back at your boss then by burning rubber on the track and leaving him in your dust?  Now if only you could convince him to take everyone out to the track, your plan would be perfect!

Tips for Quality Indoor Go Kart Driving


In this line of business, we see all skill levels of drivers. We have some very dedicated customers who race once or twice a week. We have many people that come about once a month, and there are plenty of customers who come only a couple times a year. It is always great to see these familiar faces and watch as they get better. But no race is more fun to watch than their first race.

My First Trip to Speed Raceway!


This last week, I got my first chance to race at Speed Raceway. My colleagues and I had been planning a visit for a long time, and with the Fourth of July weekend approaching, we decided there was no better way to kick off the festivities than with some awesome go kart racing! If there's anything I love to celebrate in America, it's the need for speed. I had visited the Speed Raceway track before, but never had the chance to race! So I was very excited to see what all the hype was about.

A Few Tips to Ensure Your Staff Enjoys the Next Team Building Event


How many of you have been to a team building event with your company where you started checking your watch five minutes after you got there? I certainly know I have. It is because most corporate events are terrible. Well, maybe I should say that most planners of these team building exercises haven’t had the luxury of reading this and learning the few easy steps to planning an event your employees will actually enjoy. 

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