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Some Tips for Planning Your Boyfriends Birthday Party


Even though our Denver Speed Raceway location is currently closed down, we are still booking parties for this winter. We plan to be back up and running in December, so that means we can still host the annual Christmas and New Year Parties. But it doesn’t have to be the holidays for you to throw a party. Does your husband or boyfriend have a birthday coming up? Have they been particularly good this year? Maybe they deserve a fun night with you and other friends doing something awesome like go kart racing. And don’t worry if it is cold out. Our facility will have two full tracks indoor tracks in our new facility.

A Group Event at Speed Raceway Is the Way to Go


Team events are supposed to be fun. In fact, any team event that isn’t fun shouldn’t exist. Almost every day your team has to come into work and do the same things over and over. For this one day, you should provide them with something fun, something new, and something totally out of the ordinary. Here are a few steps to help you throw a truly awesome corporate event.

How to Race Go Karts Extremely Well


One of the best parts about Speed Raceway is seeing how quickly people realize that our indoor go karts mean business. They start to panic a little because they realize that they have no idea what they are doing. That is when they really forget everything else in their lives and just focus on driving. I think that is what truly attracts people to racing. You can completely remove yourself from everything else in the world while you drive. It’s a release of sorts. And when you look up to our racing time screen and see your name in first place, you will be filled with an exhilarating feeling.

Throw a Unique Event at a Premier Denver Private Party Location


Parties are supposed to be fun. Why throw a party if you aren’t going to have a good time. Many people forget this. They get so distracted by the guest list and all the things they want to include that they don’t focus on the most basic question: are people going to be having a good time? Forget the food. Forget the music, and, at least temporarily, forget the booze. You need to see if the basic idea of the party is a good one. And I can tell you that any event at a truly unique Denver private party location will give you a great start.

Indoor Go Kart Racing Is a Great Party Idea: Learn How to Plan Others


A lot of people think throwing a party is easy. Well, I just misspoke. Throwing a party is easy, but throwing a great party is what takes skill. Anybody can invite friends to come over and hang out, but is that really a party? Drinking a few beers while lying on couches and watching Planet Earth might once have been considered a pretty fun night, but we can do better than that. Can’t we?

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