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Never Waste Your Time with Old School Gokarts Again!


Everyone thinks they have a pretty good idea about what go karting is like. Go to some run-down kids entertainment center, stand outside in the heat for 20 minutes waiting in line, race 5 laps in a loud, smell, gas-powered go kart, and run back inside to get out of the heat. Doesn't sound that much fun to me. If that was the only way to race go karts, I wouldn't blame anyone for not wanting to rush out to their nearest course to race. That's not a good environment for a corporate event, kids birthday, or a bachelor party.

The Subtle Differences in Gokart Racing Make All the Difference


We’re sure you’ve all heard some sort of argument over the different types of racing and vehicles.  NASCAR is better than Formula1 or the other way around.  Asphalt driving is much easier than off road courses.  Electric gokarts are way better than gas powered.  Whether you believe in one or the other for any of the arguments listed above, you’ll have to admit that there are some very interesting differences when it comes to the small word of auto racing, including gokart racing.  We’re here to take a look at some of the more note-worthy differences and explain why proponents for each side believe they’re right.

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