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Why Other Birthday Party Ideas in Denver Just Don’t Compare


When it comes to planning your child’s birthday parties, you’re very lucky to have so many unique and fun options to choose from.  Places like Chuck-E-Cheese’s and miniature golf are always fun, and amusement parks and house parties get rave reviews but nothing really compares to having a birthday party at Speed Raceway!  Below is a list of birthday party ideas in Denver and why we think they just don’t match up to go kart racing!

Four Must Do’s When Planning Your Son’s Birthday Party


We all hold on to some trauma from when we were little. Maybe you took a really bad fall off a bike, and you were never able to feel quite comfortable again. Perhaps you were swimming in the ocean and got caught in a rip tide that pulled you very far out. Maybe you were teased when you had to give a class presentation and you started crying in front of everyone. (I will never forgive you for that, Brian Abney.) It doesn’t matter what the traumatic experience was because they all create painful memories that can be hard to move past.

Why Leave Birthday Parties Up To Chance?


It's almost time for another birthday party, and you've spent hours trying to ask your child what gifts they want, who should come, and most importantly, what they want to do. But kids can change their minds a lot, and so planning a birthday event can be a real rollercoaster! They may suddenly only want Star Wars toys, or think their best friend is "mean all the time!" With all these variables constantly changing, you don't have time to worry about the party plan, or have an issue with the venue. You need to plan a kids birthday party that can actually make things less stressful for you!

If you plan an outdoor event at a park, you'll be at the mercy of the elements. We've all had exciting weekend plans get ruined because of a sudden thunderstorm, so cancelling a birthday party or changing all your plans last minute sounds pretty unappealing. You could head to a family entertainment center and eat pizza sitting under heat lamps while watching the kids play on playground equipment of questionable cleanliness. Or you host a themed party at your house, which probably seems like a pretty good idea, until you spend hours cleaning up afterwards.


Five Hotspots for an Indoor Birthday Party!


Kids birthday parties are always so difficult to plan. What does your child want to do? Who's going to be there? How much will it cost? Will it be a memorable experience? With so many factors, many of them always changing, it's tough to pick something that you can plan ahead and be confident that it will be a great event. If your kid wants a party outdoors, then you've got to factor in the weather too! With so many factors changing as your kid changes his or her mind, you need to have as much set in stone as possible; planned in advance so you can relax during the event and focus on making sure everyone has a good time.

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