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Indoor Go Kart Racing Makes for a Sick Birthday Party


The best birthday I ever had was this year. I had nothing planned. I didn’t think I was going to do anything special. I didn’t think anyone realized. I remember being disappointed the week leading up to it. For the first time in many years, my birthday was on a Friday. For the past few years it has bounced around midweek days.  Maybe there was a Sunday somewhere in there, but the point is people either had to work or go to school the next day. There wasn’t a whole lot of room to party. This year, however, it could be different. This year, I thought, everyone is going to want to celebrate by doing something fun.

Are You Planning a Birthday Party for a Colorado Kid?


Planning a birthday party can be hard work. Unless you want to shell out a lot for a party, you may need to put some thought into a quality and thrifty party. Luckily, Colorado has lots of options for fun events for kids. Read below for some of my favorite ones.

How to (Actually) Race Go Karts Extremely Well


Earlier in the week, our friend Adrian wrote a very good blog about how you can improve your go kart racing skills with a list of tips.  In his article he also alluded to the fact that he has had a few “shameful performances” on our track in the past and has since turned to the internet racing gods for wisdom.  While all of his tips were valid and spot on when it comes to racing properly and shaving time off your laps, it troubles me to inform our readership that poor Adrian failed to implement his tips for his own racing during our latest outing this week and was instead bested by yours truly.  To be fair, he made drastic improvements since his last session and is still a very capable Speed Raceway racer.  All rousing aside, I felt like I should weigh in on the debate of what racers should be doing in order to race indoor go karts extremely well, so here are the 4 things I personally stand by that help me keep ahold of that kick ass medal you see to the left of this paragraph week-in and week-out.

Plan A Birthday Party Your Kids Will Remember


Have you ever been to a lame birthday party? Or, even worse, have you ever had a bad birthday party? I am not talking about being upset because you are turning a year older or being unhappy that someone special didn’t show up. I am talking about having a Sesame Street themed party when you are thirteen years old. Or maybe you had a basketball themed party during football season. Or maybe your parents still think you like the first Hanson album. I don’t know how many times I told them, I never really liked that album. I was just holding it for a friend… Anyway, the point is birthdays are supposed to be special. It is supposed to be a fun day for you and your friends to do fun things that you wouldn’t normally get to do. Maybe you like to go to fancy dinners. Maybe you want to go to a ball game. Whatever it is, make sure it will be fun and special.

5 Things to do Before Summer is Gone!


Summer seems to be slowly making an exit and there are signs to show it.  Leaves are starting to change colors, the weather is slowly getting colder and kids are heading back to school.  Luckily for you, the signs have been pretty drawn out this year; giving you the chance to get your last bit of summer fun in before it’s too late!  With little time left to fit in all the purely summer activities you haven’t done yet, we here at Speed Raceway figured we would help you out by listing some of the best things you can still do before fall takes over!

The Subtle Differences in Gokart Racing Make All the Difference


We’re sure you’ve all heard some sort of argument over the different types of racing and vehicles.  NASCAR is better than Formula1 or the other way around.  Asphalt driving is much easier than off road courses.  Electric gokarts are way better than gas powered.  Whether you believe in one or the other for any of the arguments listed above, you’ll have to admit that there are some very interesting differences when it comes to the small word of auto racing, including gokart racing.  We’re here to take a look at some of the more note-worthy differences and explain why proponents for each side believe they’re right.

Go Kart Racing in Colorado: A Perfect Match


If you’ve lived in Colorado for the better part of your life, you’ll know that even though the calendar might tell you it’s summer, this state’s weather does what it wants.  These last few weeks have been unusually wet for this time of year, and while many outdoor businesses suffered due to the rain, we continued to have a steady flow of racers coming in our doors.  That got us thinking; it would seem that Speed Raceway and Colorado were made for each other!  Don’t believe us?  We came up with a list of reasons why go kart racing in Colorado could easily be the state’s official pastime!

The 4 Rushes Go Kart Racing Will Give You


If you’ve ever been, you can attest to the various feelings and rushes you get while go kart racing.  Nothing else in the world quite gives you all those same feelings at the same time, and after you’ve experienced it you’re only left wanting more.  So what exactly are those different rushes that come together to make such an unforgettable experience on go karts?  Here’s our take on the top 4 rushes you’ll feel when you’re screaming around the track:

Tips for Quality Indoor Go Kart Driving


In this line of business, we see all skill levels of drivers. We have some very dedicated customers who race once or twice a week. We have many people that come about once a month, and there are plenty of customers who come only a couple times a year. It is always great to see these familiar faces and watch as they get better. But no race is more fun to watch than their first race.

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