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How to (Actually) Race Go Karts Extremely Well


Earlier in the week, our friend Adrian wrote a very good blog about how you can improve your go kart racing skills with a list of tips.  In his article he also alluded to the fact that he has had a few “shameful performances” on our track in the past and has since turned to the internet racing gods for wisdom.  While all of his tips were valid and spot on when it comes to racing properly and shaving time off your laps, it troubles me to inform our readership that poor Adrian failed to implement his tips for his own racing during our latest outing this week and was instead bested by yours truly.  To be fair, he made drastic improvements since his last session and is still a very capable Speed Raceway racer.  All rousing aside, I felt like I should weigh in on the debate of what racers should be doing in order to race indoor go karts extremely well, so here are the 4 things I personally stand by that help me keep ahold of that kick ass medal you see to the left of this paragraph week-in and week-out.

Go Kart Racing in Colorado: A Perfect Match


If you’ve lived in Colorado for the better part of your life, you’ll know that even though the calendar might tell you it’s summer, this state’s weather does what it wants.  These last few weeks have been unusually wet for this time of year, and while many outdoor businesses suffered due to the rain, we continued to have a steady flow of racers coming in our doors.  That got us thinking; it would seem that Speed Raceway and Colorado were made for each other!  Don’t believe us?  We came up with a list of reasons why go kart racing in Colorado could easily be the state’s official pastime!

Indoor Go Kart Racing: The Key to a Great Colorado Bachelor Party


When it comes to bachelor parties, everyone has their own idea of what would make the night great. Hollywood tells us that all men have to go to Vegas for their special night. While Vegas can be a fun atmosphere for some, it certainly isn’t for everyone. Not everyone cares about gambling and visiting strip clubs. Some people just don’t want to trek out to Nevada. That’s okay because the whole point of a bachelor party is to provide a wild and memorable experience with those guys closest to you. It doesn’t have to be irresponsible. It just has to be fun, so take my advice on how to throw an epic bachelor party without leaving the Centennial State (read Colorado for you out-of-towners.)

A Few Tips to Ensure Your Staff Enjoys the Next Team Building Event


How many of you have been to a team building event with your company where you started checking your watch five minutes after you got there? I certainly know I have. It is because most corporate events are terrible. Well, maybe I should say that most planners of these team building exercises haven’t had the luxury of reading this and learning the few easy steps to planning an event your employees will actually enjoy. 

What Our Newly Upgraded Go Karts Mean For Your Racing!


Here at Speed Raceway we’ve just finished updating our electric go karts and we’re ready to let you know all about it!  While our go kart racing was already fast before the upgrades, you should see it now!  Here’s a list of some of the upgrades we’ve made and how it will help you beat your best lap time!

Go Karts: Everything the Founding Fathers Wanted


The Fourth of July is almost here! Have you made your plans yet? Some families have reunions to attend or yearly traditions; others like to wing it and plan something new every year. No matter what you do, there's always a place for grilling food, swimming, cold drinks, and of course, lots of fireworks. Some of my best summer memories throughout the years have been from some great Fourth of July weekends. So what are some of the best ways you can spend yours this year?

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