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Indoor Go Kart Racing Makes for a Sick Birthday Party


The best birthday I ever had was this year. I had nothing planned. I didn’t think I was going to do anything special. I didn’t think anyone realized. I remember being disappointed the week leading up to it. For the first time in many years, my birthday was on a Friday. For the past few years it has bounced around midweek days.  Maybe there was a Sunday somewhere in there, but the point is people either had to work or go to school the next day. There wasn’t a whole lot of room to party. This year, however, it could be different. This year, I thought, everyone is going to want to celebrate by doing something fun.

Are You Planning a Birthday Party for a Colorado Kid?


Planning a birthday party can be hard work. Unless you want to shell out a lot for a party, you may need to put some thought into a quality and thrifty party. Luckily, Colorado has lots of options for fun events for kids. Read below for some of my favorite ones.

Give Someone a Smile and Take Them Go Kart Racing at Speed Raceway


A lot of the business that we do is hosting birthday parties. Sometimes it is for children and other times the groups are all adults. The fact is racing fast go karts around our tracks is thrilling, and it appeals to all sorts of individuals. So since we have a lot of experience in the planning of parties, we wanted to share some of our guidelines.

Looking for More Mature Birthday Party Ideas?


As you get older, birthday parties become harder to figure out.  What once used to be a fun night of hanging out with friends from school, having your parents order pizza and staying up late has slowly turned into less of an event as your age gets higher up there.  For those of us still fighting the good fight when it comes to growing up, there are still hopes for having an awesome birthday that still has some of the old flair that birthday parties from our youth were full of.  Here are a few birthday party ideas for those of us who may not be young any more but are still young at heart.

Plan A Birthday Party Your Kids Will Remember


Have you ever been to a lame birthday party? Or, even worse, have you ever had a bad birthday party? I am not talking about being upset because you are turning a year older or being unhappy that someone special didn’t show up. I am talking about having a Sesame Street themed party when you are thirteen years old. Or maybe you had a basketball themed party during football season. Or maybe your parents still think you like the first Hanson album. I don’t know how many times I told them, I never really liked that album. I was just holding it for a friend… Anyway, the point is birthdays are supposed to be special. It is supposed to be a fun day for you and your friends to do fun things that you wouldn’t normally get to do. Maybe you like to go to fancy dinners. Maybe you want to go to a ball game. Whatever it is, make sure it will be fun and special.

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