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My Colorado Bachelor Party Will Include Indoor Go Kart Racing… and Beer


I have gotten to the age where it seems like all of my friends are getting married. Well, that isn’t quite true yet, as I have only been to one of their weddings, but they are all getting engaged. I have been to my first bachelor party, and it was pretty great. It was in Aspen and extremely low-key. To me, it was almost perfect. But it got me thinking about what my perfect day would be. There would have to be food, and lots of it. There would be indoor go kart racing, and there would be sports and beer of course…

Start Your Bachelor Party With Go Kart Racing!


Everyone's heard of the crazy bachelor party. Every woman is afraid her soon-to-be husband is going to end up in some scenario from the "Hangover" movies, and every guy is hoping to end up in some scenario from the "Hangover" movies. But usually, bachelor parties don't end up nearly that crazy. The point of a bachelor party should be the groom hanging out with his best friends, enjoying the single life before he gets married. You don't need to fly around the world or live dangerously to have a memorable and fun bachelor party, but of course, it's up to you (or the best man). No matter where you end up going at night, starting the bachelor party off with indoor go kart racing is the perfect way to kick off a great day, or weekend, or however long this party ends up going.

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