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The Craziest Go Kart Track Ever


By now you know that Speed Raceway in Denver is closing its doors for a couple months, and re-opening in a new location, with the same exhilerating experience, just on a new track. While the old Speed Raceway track was fun and challenging for people of all ages, the excitement is building already to see how the new track design turns out. Over the past few months, the word is getting out in the greater Denver area about Speed Raceway's amazing group events and parties, with many local businesses coming out for teambuilding events, and people of all ages hitting the track for birthday, graduation, and bachelor parties.

My First Trip to Speed Raceway!


This last week, I got my first chance to race at Speed Raceway. My colleagues and I had been planning a visit for a long time, and with the Fourth of July weekend approaching, we decided there was no better way to kick off the festivities than with some awesome go kart racing! If there's anything I love to celebrate in America, it's the need for speed. I had visited the Speed Raceway track before, but never had the chance to race! So I was very excited to see what all the hype was about.

Three Reasons to Choose Indoor Electric Go Karts!


You've got lots of choices for summer entertainment, so what should you go with? Whether you're in school and enjoying summer vacation, or you're working full time and just need to get out of the house on the weekends and away from Netflix, you've got so many options for entertainment. Mountain biking, skydiving, paintball, go karts... these are just a few of the options right around me that I can pick from any given weekend. Even between those, there are different choices. Should I race some gas-powered, outdoor go karts, or opt for the indoor, electric go kart option? For me, the electric karts is a no-brainer. Why? Here's three reasons!

Head to Speed Raceway for Your Next Fraternity Event!


Fraternity events can get pretty messy sometimes. Having quite recently been in college and a part of one, I have seen some crazy stuff go down at poorly planned events. Lots of people think that throwing together an event at the last minute is the way to go, but that's how people get in trouble. Plan out an event and save your fraternity the hassle of throwing together something at the house last minute. So if you're looking for a great Denver college event, where's the best place?

Need An Adrenaline Fix Now That Winter Sports Are Over?


The winter months may be cold and dreary at times, but for someone who loves snowboarding and skiing, winter is the best time of all. Hitting the slopes for a day on the snow is worth waiting through the hot summer for every year. Nothing beats taking a day off from work or school just to drive out and get some runs in. But May is here, and that means spring is probably here to stay, bringing the winter sports season to a close. So what is an adrenaline fan supposed to do during the warm seasons?

Welcome to Speed Raceway!


Speed Raceway located in Denver, Colorado was founded by two childhood friends to be America’s premier indoor kart racing centers. Our mission is to provide a one of a kind experience using Speed Raceways XLR8R high performance racing karts in a clean, eco-friendly, safe and thrilling atmosphere. We think you will agree, this racing experience cannot be duplicated. All it takes is a single race on our indoor track and you'll never want to race at another go kart place ever again.

Speed Raceway was created to be a one of a kind entertainment venue. With the current economy as it is, consumers and corporations alike want to have a fun unique and exciting experience close to home. Speed Raceway offers that experience by providing custom parties for every kind of group: birthdays, corporate teambuilding events, bachelor parties, mixers... whatever you can think of, Speed can make it happen!

We are passionate about being a company with unparalleled service and integrity with employees dedicated to detail. In this ever growing sport of kart racing, we at Speed Raceway are setting ourselves apart from all other entertainment venues. Our facility is clean, upscale and free from any emissions and oils. One race in our XLR8R high performance racing karts and you will be hooked on the speed, handling and sound that they produce. Nothing else can compare. Whether you are an expert or a novice you will appreciate our genuine karting experience in a safe, comfortable and unique environment. Best of all, our indoor course is safe from the elements year-round, so you'll never have to cancel a trip to Speed Raceway because of weather. Don't be the parent who cancels their kids birthday party because of snow!

In addition to our Arrive and Drive racing option, which allows individuals to visit our indoor karting center anytime and experience the thrill of racing, we also offer racing leagues and a variety of packages for both corporate events and group parties of almost any size. We strive to provide our customers a thrilling and authentic indoor karting and racing experience unlike anything else out there.

Speed Raceway truly exists for the racer in all of us. No matter what age you are, everyone can get excited for a lightning-fast go kart race. Make your kid the envy of all his friends by putting together the greatest birthday part of all time, and make yourself the envy of all the other parents because it's so easy to get your event set up at Speed. Tired of the same old corporate teambuilding events with trust falls and dull speakers? Rev up your staff bonding with some go karts! Our facilities have private meeting rooms so you can still discuss everything you need to, while getting out of the office and having some fun! The after-action discussion between coworkers about hairpin turns and top speeds on straight-aways will bring the whole team together like never before! Ready to throw a legendary bachelor party and don't know where to start the night? Get some good competition in at Speed Raceway; it'll be the best decision you make all weekend! No matter what kind of party or event you want to throw, Speed Raceway is the place to be!


Looking For An Extreme Good Time? Here Are My Favorites.


Everyone loves to try something new and crazy from time to time. When you're a teenager growing up, you want to be daring and push your limits. Sometimes this can get you in trouble, but with an extreme sport, you can usually have fun and get a nice adrenaline rush without breaking the law. I've always been a big fan of trying new extreme adventures, so let me share a few of my favorites I've enjoyed over the years!

Learn About Our Facility At Speed Raceway!


Speed Raceway is Colorado’s largest indoor kart racing & entertainment venue and America’s first eco-friendly racetrack offering European kart racing, conference rooms, a wide selection of arcade games and refreshments from our custom concessions area. This is guaranteed to be the best racing experience you've ever had With electric go karts on an indoor track, you get the fastest race in town without having to worry about the weather and standing in line in the sun waiting for a race!

Located in southeast Denver, Colorado our 55,000 square foot entertainment facility features a professionally designed 1/4 mile Formula 1 style road race course that provides challenging racing to the most experienced of racers, yet still fun and exciting for the general public. Our high-torque, zero emissions electric karts have superb performance and are capable of speeds approaching 45 mph on our indoor track. You've never enjoyed a go kart race like this every before.

Our racetrack is completely protected by a barrier system like no other. It offers both unprecedented protection and the ability to reconfigure new tracks throughout the year. The tracks has long straight-aways to build up speed, and some crazy turns to cut off the competition.

Whether you want to race against the clock or race against a friend, our Arrive and Drive allows individuals to come in and race for the best fast lap against friends, family and other racers. Our state of the art timing system will place your scores on the TV’s surrounding the track and provide a print out with all of your results including finishing place, best lap, average lap and more. Nothing beats the post-race discussion of your best lap with your buddies, talking smack and planning your route for the next race!

Your Race Result Sheet allows you to compare your times and rank against other drivers and you can check your results online to see how you fare against the best of the week or month. Each Arrive and Drive session last for about ten minutes and includes up to 8 drivers. Participants will receive a mandatory briefing session on rules and safety as well as all the needed safety equipment.

Our facility also includes meeting rooms for a variety of private events. All three conference rooms come fully equipped with projector, screens, flip charts, DVD/VCR and dry erase board. These rooms are perfect for private parties and corporate events, making your teambuilding exercise the best your company has ever seen! Don't bore your employees with another snoozer of a corporate events, when you can wow your staff and clients alike with an unforgettable day of racing!

Speed Raceway is a new regional symbol of Colorado’s love of racing and race culture. We’re an upscale enterprise that delivers motor sports enthusiasts of all kinds a much needed instrument to fulfill their “need for speed” in an exciting, friendly and energetic environment. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or birthday party, launching a new product or visiting on Friday night, Speed Raceway is your indoor entertainment destination and indoor karting and kart racing facility. Come visit us today and see how amazing our go karts are!


Start Your Bachelor Party With Go Kart Racing!


Everyone's heard of the crazy bachelor party. Every woman is afraid her soon-to-be husband is going to end up in some scenario from the "Hangover" movies, and every guy is hoping to end up in some scenario from the "Hangover" movies. But usually, bachelor parties don't end up nearly that crazy. The point of a bachelor party should be the groom hanging out with his best friends, enjoying the single life before he gets married. You don't need to fly around the world or live dangerously to have a memorable and fun bachelor party, but of course, it's up to you (or the best man). No matter where you end up going at night, starting the bachelor party off with indoor go kart racing is the perfect way to kick off a great day, or weekend, or however long this party ends up going.

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