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Go Kart Racing at Speed Raceway for Corporate Events in Philadelphia

Posted by Adrian Doggrell

Feb.10, 2014 10:45 AM


If you live in Philadelphia and you are looking for a good place to hold your corporate events, go kart racing at Speed Raceway is the way to go. Speed Raceway is one of the popular and flexible indoor kart racing facility that allows people to have an exotic race experience. The facility is designed to hold professional corporate events around Philadelphia. The biggest advantage with this center is that it accomodates both private booked parties for corporate events and walk-in racing enthusiasts all the same.


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The Speed Raceway facility gives everyone a chance to get in the fun. First, anyone can come here to experience the rush of our electric go kart racing. Unless the entire facility is rented out, Speed Raceway service is based on a first come / first served basis. Depending on what you are looking for, clients register online before they choose a race. From there, you will be able to drive Italian go karts on European inspired tracks. Remember that this is an activity that involves speed, so you better be ready to race once you sit down in the driver’s seat. At the end of your kart race, a client gets the result sheet showing achievements and lap times.

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If your company wants to have a big event, then we seriously suggest checking out our corporate events package. The Speed Raceway facility is a great place to host parties of all sizes. It is a quality entertainment place with exciting features and more than adequate safety precautions. For your private and corporate parties, go kart racing at Speed Raceway offers all you need. The party types can include bachelor and bachelorette parties, graduations, birthday parties and family reunions, but do not fear because we specialize in corporate events.

  • Special Packages Offered

No matter the type of event to carry out here, there are several packages where you can still enjoy every aspect of their time at Speed Raceway without having to pay a lot of money. For example, if you choose the mini grand prix, you can pay $45 for a 14 qualifier lap and a 16 lap final race. If you finish among the top 3, you may be rewarded with a medal. Another package for only $65 a person is the grand prix. It offers a 14 round warm-up session, a 14 lap qualifying race and a 16 lap final race. These packages also come with 8 arcade tokens and medals for the 3 top finishers. The Le Mans package costs $85 per individual. It offers two 14 lap warm-ups, a 14 lap qualifiers and a 16 lap final race. This comes with extra trophies for the first 3 winners with an additional 10 arcade tokens.

  • Corporate Events

If you are planning your corporate events in Philadelphia, whether a seminar or a networking event, Speed Raceway is the best indoor entertainment option available. At the facility, the staff customizes meeting rooms to suit your needs. When it comes to eating and drinking, Speed Raceway works with local catering companies to ensure your party is fully covered for drinks and food. We also offer corporate needs like a fast internet connection, AV equipment and television sets, private rooms and comfortable furniture.


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