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Go Kart Racing With Hi-torque Electric Power

Posted by Brandon Whiting

Nov.19, 2014 9:30 AM


The mere mention of go kart racing evokes instant childhood memories of outdoor tracks, roaring engines and the unmistakeable odor of burning fuel. Of course, those gasoline-powered go karts of yesteryear could only be operated outside due to the fumes and the exhaust.

From Gas Outdoors to Electric Indoors

Today, go kart racing is still marked by speed and excitement. However, today’s kids and kids-at-heart can now enjoy the rapid acceleration of a new breed of special hi-tech Italian go karts. These emissions-free electric vehicles allow us to move the action indoors. No more worries about the vagaries of Philadelphia’s ever-changing weather. At Speed Raceway, one can plan a party or corporate event with full confidence that everything, including the go karting, will go off without a hitch.

Hi-torque Equals Great Acceleration

Tesla proved just how impressive the performance of electric vehicles could be. The almost instant torque provided by an electric motor makes such a vehicle a real thrill to drive. The same is true of our Italian electric go karts. Accelerate smoothly and swiftly past your competition around the curves and on the straightaway. Plus, enjoy what’s not there - the odor of gasoline and exhaust. These quiet go karts mean that loud gasoline-powered engines no longer drown out all the laughter and the fun.

Safety Always Important

Of course, safety is of paramount importance to everyone. Our low center-of-gravity, wide-profile go karts will not tip. Both helmets and safety training are automatic parts of the experience. Any junior or adult driver can simply “arrive and drive” as long as the minimum height requirements are met. Such racers are entered into public races. A planned race that features just your partygoers or event attendees is also welcomed and encouraged.

Come See Us!

Experience a new take on a classic idea at Speed Raceway’s Horsham, PA, facility. We have the largest electric indoor go kart track on the East Coast. Drop by during our open hours for an “arrive and drive” experience you’ll not soon forget. Or, consider Speed Raceway for your next go kart racing party or special event.

We’d love to learn more about the event that you have in mind. So if you would like to learn more about your options, please contact us today!

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