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Go Kart Racing: Electric Is The Way To Go

Posted by Adrian Doggrell

Apr.19, 2014 2:30 AM

When it comes to the go kart industry, there is some debate as to whether electric go kart racing or gasoline powered go kart racing is best. Some people prefer to race exclusively outdoors and in gas powered karts. They want their racing experience to seem as authentic as possible. Other people prefer to race indoors on electric vehicles. They like the temperature controlled environment and the peppy acceleration. Each one has their own advantages and disadvantages, but it is quite clear that the future of the industry is heading in the electric direction. Read on to learn why electric go karts racing businesses like Speed Raceway are now setting the gold standard in the industry.

  • They go faster

This statement is only half true. When it comes go kart racing, you have to assume that very few of the tracks where people will be racing are large Nascar-esque courses. Track owners will not want to pay for a huge plot of land to only race around the middle of it. Also, people probably wouldn’t want to spend their hard-earned cash to only take left turns. People like to dodge and weave. They like to test the handling when ripping around curves. They love the freedom to hit a turn too sharply and spin out, sometimes slamming against the track barrier. This is what makes go kart racing so fun. Because the customers prefer for the track to be filled with crazy turns, top speed is less important than acceleration. And thanks to our trusty friends the MythBusters, we have some hard numbers comparing electric go kart racing to traditional gasoline powered racing. The results of this experiment were pretty surprising.

The electric go kart was built on the exact same chassis as the gasoline powered counterpart. The only differences between the two karts were the engine and the power source. When all of the alterations were said and done, the gas kart weighed in at only 180 pounds while the electric model weighed in at 300, more than twice as much. (The extra weight is due to the many heavy batteries required.) The gas powered kart had a higher top speed of 95 mph, compared to the 75 mph of the electric model. You would think that the gas model would have blown away the competition, and it might have it if weren’t for this next fact. Electric go karts tend to generate more power. The MythBusters machine produced 75 lb/ft of torque whereas the gas kart only produced 15.5 lb/ft. This is a significant difference, and it is compounded by the fact that the gas model took 7.8 seconds to reach 60 mph compared to 6 seconds with the electric kart.

Electric go karts will be a faster machine when racing on courses that have lots of crazy bends in the road. The turns will reduce your speed, making acceleration the name of the game. Because the battery powered karts can get going quicker, you will have a significant advantage, even over machines that would win in an extended straight away.

  • They are more efficient

As you probably know, electricity typically costs less than gasoline. This is true most places but not everywhere. Researching this article, I learned that the price of electricity in Long Island, NY is based on the price of gasoline. As gas price rises, so does the local electricity price, thus keeping the oil companies nice and safe from competition. Luckily, most of our country isn’t run like this. Electricity is cheaper to produce, and thus it is cheaper to buy.

The gasoline karts also emit exhaust. We have been in the middle of a global environmental crisis for many years now, so it is good that some racetrack owners are trying to do their part. Every gasoline powered machine is going to emit exhaust. Even though one little go kart won’t do much, these things add up over time. Electricity offers no emissions, so it is a much cleaner alternative.

  • They are cheaper

The primary reason so many go kart racetrack companies have turned electric is because, in the end, it is cheaper. The upfront costs of opening an electric go kart racetrack will be more. You will need more karts than if you were running gas powered machines because an electric kart will probably need to recharge after each race whereas the gas powered model will be able to run much longer on a single tank of gas. You will also have to pay more for repairs because they will need to be done by a certified electrician, but even with these costs, you will come out ahead.

Indoor go kart tracks open up the door for all-weather racing. You don’t have to close down shop for the whole winter because no one feels like racing in the snow. Like bowling alleys and movie theaters, your business will be able to capitalize on offering people something fun to do on a rainy day. Electric go karts have an advantage in the indoor arena because of their lack of emissions. Gasoline tracks will need to pay for an expensive ventilation system to keep the air clean of exhaust. Even with this system in place, your clothes will still absorb the smell. When electric go kart racing, you can race all day long in a suit, and you wouldn’t be able to smell a thing.


These are the primary reasons business owners have been switching to electric go karts, but they aren’t the only reasons. As a business owner, you may find that it is much easier to deal with the electric models. The digital interface can be operated from a phone, tablet, or computer. So if your employees see one driver being overly aggressive on the course, they can easily tune down the power of only their kart. Or, if there is an obstruction on the course, your employee can power down all the karts at one time. They will have total control of all the machines at their fingertips. You also won’t have to worry about the safety issues of gasoline. Electricity just tends to not explode as often.

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