5 Tips to Improve Your Lap Time

5 Tips To Improve Your Lap Times

  1. Get comfortable. Whether this means adjusting foot pedals, grabbing a booster seat, or tightening your seatbelt a little more you want to make sure you are comfortable and ready to race! Having a lose seatbelt or trying to constantly reach the pedals the whole time can lead to a distracted mind! A distracted mind means you aren’t focused on the race!
  2. Look ahead! Not only is looking behind you dangerous-it can affect your laptimes! Looking forward ensures you have enough time to make a change if necessary. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings so you can avoid collisions-looking ahead will help with this!
  3. Shift your weight. This may be the most important tip because it can drastically improve your lap time! As you make your way through each corner, try to shift your weight with the direction of the turn. This allows you to make quicker turns.

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  1. Go easy on the corners. Many new or inexperienced drivers take turns too quickly and lose time either trying to recover or realign the kart. Whereas more experienced drivers ease into corners by letting go of the gas or lightly braking. By doing this they can quickly accelerate into a straightaway and get the ultimate lap time!
  2. HAVE FUN! Even if you follow none of the other tips I have listed above, the most important thing is to be safe and have fun!