8 Electric Go Kart Racing Myths That Just Aren’t True

Go karts are a great experience regardless of the driver’s age. Whether it’s a kid’s track or extreme 90 mpg kart racing (that is a thing) most people picture go karts as loud, smoke-belching, 2-stroke beasts that guzzle gas in exchange for some fun. But what about electric go karts? They’ve gotten some bad press, but how much of it is true? Continue reading

8 Outside-the-Box Birthday Party Ideas in South Jersey

Each year, you put a lot of time and effort into planning your child’s birthday. From theme and cake to cleaning the house ahead of the big day, your child’s birthday party is a lot of work. This should be the year that you shake things up. You can decide to have the birthday party somewhere other than at home and let someone else do the bulk of the work. Here are 8 outside-the-box birthday party ideas in South Jersey.
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Why All Bachelor Parties Should Start With Indoor Go Kart Racing

It is your night. This is your bachelor party, and the night intended to sow all of your wild oats with your friends before getting married. You might have a night planned of bar hopping and some other less talked about activities. However, you should start your evening off at Speed Raceway. There are few reasons why all bachelor parties should start with indoor go kart racing, including: Continue reading

7 Things You Wouldn’t Expect People To Do On Halloween

Halloween is an exciting time for children. They get to pick out a costume and trudge up and down the streets of their neighborhood asking for candy. It is truly a children’s holiday. If you do not have small children at home, you might be looking for something to do that will get you off the roads filled with children and away from the chaos in your neighborhood. If you have young children, you might not want them taking candy from strangers. Here are 7 things you wouldn’t expect people to do on Halloween. Continue reading

4 Reasons Your Kid is Ready For a Birthday Party Outside The House

Since the time your child was a toddler, you have been having the most amazing at home birthday parties. You have filled your South Jersey home with colorful balloons and streamers. Your home has been filled each year with screaming children having the time of their lives. Each year, your child has been excited to plan the theme of their next birthday party so you could get started planning the decorations. However, this year they might not seem so excited at the prospect of an at home birthday party. Here are four reasons your kid is ready for a birthday party outside the house. Continue reading

Why Go Kart Racing Is Cool Again

In 1959, the first American go kart engine was created, bringing forth an open-wheel Motorsport to raceway circuits. Today, go karts continue to be reinvented, creating quicker and more eco-friendly methods to racing. Explore the resurgance of a classic activity, go kart racing.

The old-time sport continues to evolve, with Speed Raceway remaining a front runner on the East Coast. While their karts are clean and green, free of gasoline, acceleration doesn’t suffer from the eco-friendly change. The OTL Storm Karts carry drivers through the straight-aways and tight bends at heightened acceleration speeds. Continue reading

Some Of The Most Fun Things To Do Around Philadelphia All Year Around

Baseball, football, basketball and hockey have been the main stable for the most fun things to do around Philadelphia that both you and your kids will enjoy, but there are so much more fun and exiting things to do. Knowing that people have different interest, businesses have stepped up in this great city to offer more fun things to do for families besides sports. Continue reading

Go Kart Racing Is Not Just For Kids

As an adult you probably think back with fond memories of things you did as a kid or teenager. For many people, riding go karts was a fun treat. Maybe you weren’t old enough to even drive a car, but you could get in that old, gasoline powered go kart and race around the oval loop like nobody’s business. Now that you’re an adult you’re too old for go karts, right? Wrong! Our karts are a new take on an old idea, except we kicked it up a few notches. So if you think you are up to it, grab some friends and try go kart racing again!

From the first time you step in the door of our facility, you’ll know this is not the same as racing go karts in the 80’s or 90’s. First, we are an indoor facility. So come rain, snow, sleet, or hail, you can come on in to our climate-controlled building and get your race on. Continue reading

Fun Birthday Party Ideas Around Philadelphia That Are Perfect For All

As a parent, one of the most important things you can do for your children is to plan a special birthday party for them. When you do, you’ll want to make sure it’s fun and exciting for the entire family, since the event will be remembered long into adulthood. Here are some birthday party ideas around Philadelphia that are well worth considering.

Speed Raceway

If you’re looking for something fun and adventurous, Speed Raceway is the perfect choice for go kart racing. Speed Raceway boasts the largest indoor electric go kart racing facility on the East Coast, and welcomes children and adults alike to their family-friendly facility. All packages include a reserved start time, themed party room and dedicated event host. Parties can be customized for your child, ensuring he or she truly feels special. Continue reading

Time For a New Take on an Old Idea: Go Kart Racing is Hip Again

Back in the old days, the really old days, kids would race tiny, dirty gasoline-powered go karts that guzzled fuel, didn’t go very fast, and belched plumes of black smoke. Eventually someone got the memo because you don’t find those around any more. However, the newer electric models leave the old gas powered karts buried in history (and their own black smoke). There is no better way to fullfill your need for speed than to race an electric kart on a well maintained indoor track. Continue reading