How to put the FUN into Fundraising

Whether you’re a seasoned planner for a big NPO or just a local youth sports team coach, chances are you need to raise money. With trillion dollar deficits and government spending cut backs, some of the most influential programs and organizations for health, youth, environmental and educational work have seen their funding limited recently. School sports and music programs are either underfunded or have been eliminated completely. While some of the biggest health causes must rely more on private funding versus government assistance. This has increasingly come at the cost of our future generations. Sports and music programs in particular have continued to show huge benefits for our youth. They are linked to improved learning, language development, higher IQ, improved social skills, greater self esteem and confidence. Yet we continue to neglect these benefits when we under fund or eliminate these programs.

If you’re a mom or dad, I’m sure you’re familiar with signing your kid up for a sports team only to learn that you must pay additional for their uniforms and travel. Most teams and schools have elected to utilize fundraising to supplement the lost funding for these programs. However even the most seasoned pros in the fundraising game are stuck with the same tired and boring methods. The walk-a-thon, the bake sale, the door-to-door sale of candy bars. These are all great ideas, but once people have attended or supported one or two, they associate the past effort with all other similar events in the future. So if you’re contemplating another fundraiser, try these new and fun ideas instead. Your guests will thank you for not having to sit through another bingo night or designer bag raffle. And you’ll reap the benefit of excited and engaged supporters.

Keep it Fun and Exciting

Although the above mentioned fundraising activities can be successful, to get the best turnout and the most motivated supporters try an activity that is new, different and exciting. By making it fun, the whole day will seem less like a chore and more like a rewarding and fulfilling experience. When supporters feel like they are part of something great, they’ll buy in to your message and open their wallets. Go kart racing nights are fun for all and easy to plan. Guest attend your designated event day and race, eat, and play arcade games and pool with friends, family and other supporters of your cause. You’ll receive a portion of the proceeds as well as fantastic memories. Other outside-the-box alternatives include roller skating nights, bowling and jump parks. All of these activities are group oriented and active which will keep people engaged. Fast equals fun

Get Everyone Involved

Young, old and in between, To have a successful turnout, you’ll need the support of everyone in your circle. In order to entice the best crowd, pick an event that is fun for all ages. Some activities including beef and beers, walk-a-thons and designer bag bingo mostly cater to adults. By eliminating your guest’s kids from the event, the logistics of attending become more difficult. Donating time and money can be one thing, but shelling out an extra $75 for a sitter can be asking too much. Additionally, some events can cater to just kids. Craft based fun and door-to-door candy sales are great for the eager youth, but most adults will sit on the sidelines. By choosing an activity that all can enjoy, you’ll maximize your turnout and your dollars raised. fundraiser event supporters



Full Arcade for Added Fun

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