The parents of kids with spring and summer birthdays seem to have their pick of places to host birthday parties. Pools, amusement parks, and even simple outdoor parties at home are all options that give kids a good time and enough space to burn some energy. But that doesn’t mean that your winter baby can’t have a great indoor birthday party! Don’t let cold weather get in the way of a fun South Jersey birthday party this year.

Beat The Cold Indoors

Instead, opt for a fun, indoor location that offers all of the excitement of an amusement park with the additional bonus of being easy to plan and fun for parents and kids of all ages. Speed Raceway in South Jersey is the perfect place for kids to burn energy and engage in the excitement of live action go-kart racing. Each child will be fully in charge of driving his/her own go-kart around our full go-kart racing track, which is sure to be just as exciting as any roller coaster!

Check Out Our Party Packages

Our party packages include a reserved start time for your guests as well as the use of a private party room. All of our packages include at least 2 races per person and medals for the top three finishers. You can choose from a variety of packages that offer upgrades such as tokens for the arcade, trophies for the top three finishers, and a t-shirt for the birthday child.

Reserve A Party Room

Our themed party rooms are the perfect spot for food, cake, and presents, and they are already decorated for your added convenience. You can bring your own food or choose from a selection of our preferred caterers to safe yourself the hassle of making and transporting your own food. We work with some of the best restaurants in the area, and your party specialist will be happy to make recommendations based on your preferences and needs.
Who needs a pool or amusement park to have a great birthday party? This winter, book your child’s birthday party at Speed Raceway for an experience s/he will never forget. Contact us today to get started!

Why Not All Birthday Parties Are Created Equal

Hosting a party at home often seems like a good idea. After all, how hard can it be to entertain your child’s friends and their parents? Yet hosting a party at a fun location like Speed Raceway is even easier than holding it at home, and we guarantee it is a lot more fun. Here’s a step by step comparison of a home party versus a party at a go-kart racing track that will convince you that all birthday parties are not created equal:

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The 10 Most Popular Birthday Party Themes of 2014

Sometimes it can be hard to pick the theme of your child’s birthday party. You want to find out what will make them the happiest, but it just doesn’t do any good to ask them. You’ll just get a different answer every week. Luckily for you, we handle this kind of stuff all the time. To help you get started, here’s a list of the ten most popular birthday party themes of 2014.

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11 Birthday Party Hacks Every Parent Should Know About

Sure, birthday parties are fun. For the kids. But for parents, planning a birthday party can be about as enticing as a root canal. From picking the perfect, unique, location to ordering food to making sure all the kids are having fun but being safe, planning a birthday party can be just plain overwhelming. Here’s the good news: planning a birthday party doesn’t have to be so hard! Take the stress out of party planning with these eleven birthday party hacks every parent should know about: Continue reading

8 Outside-the-Box Birthday Party Ideas in South Jersey

Each year, you put a lot of time and effort into planning your child’s birthday. From theme and cake to cleaning the house ahead of the big day, your child’s birthday party is a lot of work. This should be the year that you shake things up. You can decide to have the birthday party somewhere other than at home and let someone else do the bulk of the work. Here are 8 outside-the-box birthday party ideas in South Jersey.
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4 Reasons Your Kid is Ready For a Birthday Party Outside The House

Since the time your child was a toddler, you have been having the most amazing at home birthday parties. You have filled your South Jersey home with colorful balloons and streamers. Your home has been filled each year with screaming children having the time of their lives. Each year, your child has been excited to plan the theme of their next birthday party so you could get started planning the decorations. However, this year they might not seem so excited at the prospect of an at home birthday party. Here are four reasons your kid is ready for a birthday party outside the house. Continue reading

Five Hotspots for Indoor Birthday Parties in South Jersey

Birthday Parties in South Jersey are always so difficult to plan. What does your child want to do? Who’s going to be there? How much will it cost? Will it be a memorable experience? With so many factors, many of them always changing, it’s tough to pick something that you can plan ahead and be confident that it will be a great event. If your kid wants a party outdoors, then you’ve got to factor in the weather too! With so many factors changing as your kid changes his or her mind, you need to have as much set in stone as possible; planned in advance so you can relax during the event and focus on making sure everyone has a good time.

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Why Leave Your Kid’s Birthday Parties Up To Chance?

It’s almost time for another birthday party, and you’ve spent hours trying to ask your child what gifts they want, who should come, and most importantly, what they want to do. But kids can change their minds a lot, and so planning a birthday event can be a real rollercoaster! They may suddenly only want Star Wars toys, or think their best friend is “mean all the time!” With all these variables constantly changing, you don’t have time to worry about the party plan, or have an issue with the venue. You need to plan a kids birthday parties in South Jersey that can actually make things less stressful for you!If you plan an outdoor event at a park, you’ll be at the mercy of the elements. We’ve all had exciting weekend plans get ruined because of a sudden thunderstorm, so cancelling birthday parties or changing all your plans last minute sounds pretty unappealing. You could head to a family entertainment center and eat pizza sitting under heat lamps while watching the kids play on playground equipment of questionable cleanliness. Or you host a themed party at your house, which probably seems like a pretty good idea, until you spend hours cleaning up afterwards.

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