Go Kart Racing Makes for a Sick Birthday Party

The best birthday I ever had was this year. I had nothing planned. I didn’t think I was going to do anything special. I didn’t think anyone realized. I remember being disappointed the week leading up to it. For the first time in many years, my birthday was on a Friday. For the past few years it has bounced around midweek days. Maybe there was a Sunday somewhere in there, but the point is people either had to work or go to school the next day. There wasn’t a whole lot of room to party. This year, however, it could be different. This year, I thought, everyone is going to want to celebrate by doing something fun.

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Give Someone a Smile and Take Them Go Kart Racing at Speed Raceway

A lot of the business that we do is hosting birthday parties. Sometimes it is for children and other times the groups are all adults. The fact is racing fast go karts around our tracks is thrilling, and it appeals to all sorts of individuals. So since we have a lot of experience in the planning of parties, we wanted to share some of our guidelines.

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Do You Need Ideas for Excellent Birthday Parties in South Jersey?

It can be difficult to keep up with the rapidly changing interests of a young boy. When they are between the ages of eight and thirteen, it can seem like they are interested in something new each day. This can make it extremely difficult to plan an exciting and affordable birthday party for your son. That is why it is important to have a couple standbys in case your son, like most other children his age, isn’t totally adept at making up his mind or clearly articulating his desires. Also, if he is prone to changing interests on a whim like many children those ages, what he wants as his party theme one day may seem totally lame the next. For this reason, you should read on to learn the top three ideas for birthday parties in South Jersey.

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Some Tips for Planning a Special Birthday Party: Try Go Kart Racing

Even though our Denver Speed Raceway location is currently closed down, we are still booking parties for this winter. We plan to be back up and running in December, so that means we can still host the annual Christmas and New Year Parties. But it doesn’t have to be the holidays for you to throw a party. Does your husband or boyfriend have a birthday coming up? Have they been particularly good this year? Maybe they deserve a fun night with you and other friends doing something awesome like go kart racing. And don’t worry if it is cold out. Our facility will have two full tracks indoor tracks in our new facility.

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How to Be Extremely Good at Go Kart Racing


One of the best parts about Speed Raceway is seeing how quickly people realize that our indoor go karts mean business. They start to panic a little because they realize that they have no idea what they are doing. That is when they really forget everything else in their lives and just focus on driving. I think that is what truly attracts people to racing. You can completely remove yourself from everything else in the world while you drive. It’s a release of sorts. And when you look up to our racing time screen and see your name in first place, you will be filled with an exhilarating feeling.

My shameful performance on the track inspired me to figure out what I was doing wrong. And, as it turns out, it was a lot, but I learned some great tips that helped me get right back into the competition with my peers. I don’t wish anyone experience the humiliation of utter defeat like I did, so I made a list of six things you should know before stepping onto the track. They are as follows. Good luck:

  • Be sure to have good posture in your seat

Good posture will really help you out on the track. I am not trying to mother you. It honestly helps how the kart handles. All you need to do is sit back in the seat, in an upright and comfortable position. And just try not to move around because it will slow you down.

  • Properly hold the wheel

You often hear people say to hold the wheel at ten and two. Honestly, nine and three works too, or anywhere in between. You just need to be comfortable and focused.

  • Use you breaks but do so sparingly

Once you get comfortable with the basics of go kart racing, you should start to experiment with your brake. If you are going into a sharp turn, you can let off the gas and tap the break. You want to do this before you go into the turn. This will help you start turning effectively and avoid drifting into the far wall.

  • Experiment with your angles through turns

Many people see a turn and want to head into it right away. Often this leads people to taking a too aggressive angle on a turn and they sacrifice speed. You should try to keep the kart straight for as long as possible and take a wide approach to the turn and see if that allows you to hold more speed through the turn.

  • Focus on keeping up your speed as you exit a turn

Turns are where you lose almost all of your speed, so you want to focus on keeping the speed up through your exit of the turn instead of focusing on how quickly you can go into the turn. Steep in and wide out, thats the mantra of all racers.

  • Hold fast and keep straight

In go kart racing, the turns are where most people struggle, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t easy to waste valuable seconds trying to block or tap someone else. You should focus on going perfectly straight whenever possible.


These may seem basic to you. I hope so. That means you are ahead of the ballgame. If not, trust me when I say it gets easier. Like anything, you need to get used to it. You have to crawl before you can walk. And you have to slam into the walls some and spin out before you can smoothly curve through turns at optimal speed. These things take work, and luckily for you, this work is fun, and now that you have the inside scoop, you will be ahead of your friends.


Plan Birthday Parties Your Kids Will Remember


Have you ever been to a lame birthday party? Or, even worse, have you ever had a bad birthday party? I am not talking about being upset because you are turning a year older or being unhappy that someone special didn’t show up. I am talking about having a Sesame Street themed party when you are thirteen years old. Or maybe you had a basketball themed party during football season. Or maybe your parents still think you like the first Hanson album. I don’t know how many times I told them, I never really liked that album. I was just holding it for a friend… Anyway, the point is birthdays are supposed to be special. It is supposed to be a fun day for you and your friends to do fun things that you wouldn’t normally get to do. Maybe you like to go to fancy dinners. Maybe you want to go to a ball game. Whatever it is, make sure it will be fun and special.

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The Perfect Daylong Date Includes Indoor Go Kart Racing – Part 1


You may not know that go kart racing is one step of the perfect all-day-date in the Philly area. Maybe that is because you have always been so cool that you were never forced to plan an epic date in order to entice someone to go with you, or perhaps it is because you spend too much time reading go kart racing business blogs and not enough time dating… I’m not sure. I don’t know you, but what I do know is how to plan an epic date around Philly. It will take you from about 10am to around 11pm, and it will provide you with all kinds of different interactive situations, so you can really get to know this person.

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Go Kart Racing Is a Great Party Idea: Learn How to Plan Others


A lot of people think throwing a party is easy. Well, I just misspoke. Throwing a party is easy, but throwing a great party is what takes skill. Anybody can invite friends to come over and hang out, but is that really a party? Drinking a few beers while lying on couches and watching Planet Earth might once have been considered a pretty fun night, but we can do better than that. Can’t we?

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Why Great Corporate Team Building Events Happen Outside the Office

Being tasked with coordinating a corporate team building activity can lead to mixed emotions. On one hand, you have the opportunity to find fun and exciting places and events for you and your coworkers to do for a whole day of “work” while on the other hand you have a budget and possible backlash from unhappy workers to deal with if the day goes south. If you’re thinking of throwing your team building event at the office, consider this: most employees are less excited and therefore less likely to enjoy and find value in activities done at the office. Here at Speed Raceway, we’ve looked into why that is and have come up with 3 reasons why a successful corporate team building activity will almost always be off-site.

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The 4 Rushes Go Kart Racing Will Give You

If you’ve ever been, you can attest to the various feelings and rushes you get while go kart racing. Nothing else in the world quite gives you all those same feelings at the same time, and after you’ve experienced it you’re only left wanting more. So what exactly are those different rushes that come together to make such an unforgettable experience on go karts? Here’s our take on the top 4 rushes you’ll feel when you’re screaming around the track:

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