Why Other Birthday Parties in South Jersey Just Don’t Compare


When it comes to planning your child’s birthday parties, you’re very lucky to have so many unique and fun options to choose from. Places like Chuck-E-Cheese’s and miniature golf are always fun, and amusement parks and house parties get rave reviews but nothing really compares to having a birthday party at Speed Raceway! Below is a list of ideas for birthday parties in South Jersey and why we think they just don’t match up to go kart racing!

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Dominate the Track With These 6 Go Kart Racing Tips

Many people think that since they have a drivers license or play racing video games, they’ll naturally be excellent at go kart racing. Anyone who has actually been to an electric go karts track can tell you, it’s harder than it looks. But for first-timers attending a birthday party or corporate event, you may want to skip ahead on the learning curve to get an advantage on your friends and colleagues. Nobody wants to be last place! Read some of our suggestions on how to dominate on the racetrack! Continue reading

Speed Up Team Building With Some Corporate Events in Philadelphia!

Your business wants to work better and faster; every company does. So you want to hold corporate events in Philadelphia to help people get on the same page and work better together. You’ve googled for good ideas, and so many of them seem so dull and obvious. Speakers, seminars, workbooks… these aren’t teambuilding events, they are just more work. You need something that will stand out for your employees and get them out of the office. Every teambuilding event should have some long-term lessons and takeaways for the business, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun too! Continue reading

Go Kart Racing: Electric Is The Way To Go

When it comes to the go kart industry, there is some debate as to whether electric go kart racing or gasoline powered go kart racing is best. Some people prefer to race exclusively outdoors and in gas powered karts. They want their racing experience to seem as authentic as possible. Other people prefer to race indoors on electric vehicles. They like the temperature controlled environment and the peppy acceleration. Each one has their own advantages and disadvantages, but it is quite clear that the future of the industry is heading in the electric direction. Read on to learn why electric go karts racing businesses like Speed Raceway are now setting the gold standard in the industry.

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Want to Know Why Go Kart Racing Is So Great?


Go karts are simply a smaller version of the professional racing cars, such as those used in Formula One and Indy Car Racing. They race on similar but smaller tracks. They were first created in California in 1950s by Art Ingels.

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Going Pro In Go Kart Racing

If you’re a racing enthusiast and hope to succeed in the sport sometime in the near future, follow these tips and you just might get there!

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3 Ideas for Killer Corporate Events

If you own or work for a corporation or have ever done so, you have probably encountered plenty of poorly planned “employee days.” Unfortunately, it is very often that very little about the actual event, other than the name, seems like it was designed with the employees’ enjoyment in mind. Instead, these events are often shoddily thrown together with very little planned out and even less productivity built into the framework of the activity. The worst part is your team doesn’t enjoy themselves or get any value out of the experience. Essentially, your team falls behind on work while your business wastes money on an event no one enjoys or benefits from. That is why we have put together these pieces of advice for throwing truly enjoyable and productive corporate events in Philadelphia.

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Seven Steps to Finding the Perfect Corporate Events Location in Philadelphia

Finding a perfect location for corporate events in Philadelphia can be a hard task, especially if you are looking for a specific venue that can match up to your business standards. There are several steps to consider when selecting the location to host your events.

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10 Undeniable Reasons People Hate Corporate Events in Philadelphia

When organizing a corporate event in Philadelphia, the main factor to put into consideration is the nature of the event. You must consider whether it is one that involves a large audience like a conference or one that include fewer people like an employee gathering or client meeting. This factor will assist you in the selection of other important aspects like the venue, food and refreshments and AV equipment.

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5 Locations to Host Your Next Corporate Events in Philadelphia

As you know, Philaelphia is a one of the larger cities in the United States. With a metro population of over 1.5 million, there are countless businesses in need of fun and exciting corporate events. And with so many locations and activities available to satisfy that large number, it can be a daunting task to find the right one for your business’s next event. That is why I have chosen to create a list of some of the best locations to hold your next corporate events in Philadelphia. Whether it is for the annual party, a fun night out, or an awards ceremony, this list is sure to have a venue that would be perfect for your next event. (Note – This list is arranged by increasing casuality.)

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